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First sale of the season.

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    Originally posted by Rolf View Post
    Good for you! Which card reader are you using?
    The card reader is "Process Now" I got if from my local bank and they have me set up with "Merchant Services"
    Hegner Polymax- 3,Hegner Multimax-3,15" Jet
    You may have your PHD but I have my GED and my DD 214""


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      Looking back at the last few years sales, I noticed my average gross sales this year, have gone up 64% over last year's average. I have raised my price on the boxes 10% this year and it seems to have no negative effect on sales volume.... Go figure.?
      Hegner Polymax- 3,Hegner Multimax-3,15" Jet
      You may have your PHD but I have my GED and my DD 214""


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        I used to have merchant services, but at that time the bank charges were too expensive. I have used square for 5 or 6 years and have had no problem. Taxes are easy to do as everything can be done on a one page report for the whole year. You also get daily reports of sales. Sometimes I have all credit sales no cash and sometimes all cash but sales are definitely better with credit.

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        • handibunny
          Reply to Drum sander tool
          Just saw an interview about the new SuperMax 16-32 on Facebook, and it was mentioned that the new folding infeed and outfeed tables are available for the 19-38. Price is about $149.
          Today, 03:30 PM
        • will8989
          Reply to Woodpeckers
          Yes the email said one and done. Bruce rates their tools with Inca.
          Today, 02:33 PM
        • bstark
          Reply to Scrapwood Bowl
          Brilliant! I love it. I have tons of scrap wood that I just can't part with... and I have been pondering what I should do with it. Some of the pieces can be used with intarsia, but honestly, I am running out of storage for it. This is a great idea that I will be happy to borrow. =) Nice work.
          Today, 11:01 AM
        • Stoney
          Reply to This doesn't happen often in the shop
          Yeah blade clamps falling on the floor huh? And I thought that only happened with a Hegner. I couldn't believe it the first time it happened to me with my Hegner. I finally got tired of looking for the bottom clamp when it left the scene and decided to do something about it.. I made a combination...
          Today, 10:47 AM
        • BobD
          Reply to Drum sander tool
          (facebook algorithms not allowing me to find the page right now... doh.) If the new one is the same one I receive a press release about (the quick adjustment lever, and folding infeed/outfeed tables), I've reached out to them asking if these can be retrofit onto older sanders...

          Today, 10:04 AM