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    I've heard from some folks that Spring shows have been a bust, especially in the North. Some said weather was not a factor.

    But I'm here to tell ya that so far the Spring shows I've done here in the South have been fantastic. The show in Fairhope, AL was a record setter. Too good because it was exhausting to prepare for the the next show in an Atlanta suburb last weekend. That show was good too. Next show is Mother's Day and then again on Memorial Day weekend.

    Next year I won't sign up for 4 Spring shows unless I know I will have enough to sell.

    I must say the show we did in Acworth, GA last weekend was very well organized. Splash is the sponsor. We showed up Saturday AM at 7 to register/unload. They had volunteers that unloaded everything and I moved the truck to vendor parking within 10-15 minutes. Then when we took down on Sunday PM there were volunteers that helped us take down the tent and load the truck. It was wonderful. And during the show volunteers came around with water/soft drinks and snacks - apples, bananas, chips, granola bars etc. The show sponsors are truly amazing. Third show we have done with them.


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    Weather has a LOT to do with it. When it is 40 degrees rainy and windy NOBODY wants to be outside hehe, That was yesterday, Today the sun was out for a bit in the late afternoon and it got to 50- 55. Glad that you have had a good show.

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      I have seen and even sold at the few spring and summer shows in my area. A couple were very well organized. Based on my experiences people in general are not in the same buying mood as in the Nov / Dec season. Weather is always a factor in any show.
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        There is a spring , once a year, sale that I have attended and it sold "just OK". I have a farmers market that I attend, and the first spring sales do very well. It tapers off as the summer wears on. Best sails are in the fall.
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