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  • White Meadow Lake Market Place

    Had two tables here (16 linear feet) this past Sunday. This was my second year here and it was very successful even though it was 90 outside, the humidity was about the same, and a passing storm we down the area for 30 minutes or so. We were indoors, with air conditioning. The Market Place ran from 11-5 and I made a fair chunk of change; more than enough to cover all my costs and buy much more replacement wood and supplies than I used to make the stuff I sold. They run it in conjunction with their annual festival days carnival, 5K run and other events. Here are some pictures of my set up and one taken from the deck on the back of the club house of part of White Meadow Lake.

    The clamps are holding a couple of pieces of nylon cord to hang pictures and wall hangings from since I was not allowed to hang them on the wall. It worked very well and they suffered no damage.


    wmlmp 1 2012.jpgwmlmp 2 2012.jpgwmlmp 3 2012.jpgwmlmp 4 2012.jpgwmlmp 5 2012.jpg
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    Glad you had a good day. I really like when something wholesome succeeds.
    Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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      Congrats on a good event. Thanks for the pics.
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        Congratulations on a successful show! I like your set-up.
        One of my routes takes me through the area,(on Green Pond Road) headed to West Milford. Beautiful area!
        Glad you had a good show.
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          Good to hear you di well!. What was your biggest seller?
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            Thanks for all the positive feedback folks.

            Dave, it really is a beautiful lake.

            Rolf, this year it was Judaica themed items along with two of Carl Hurd-Ritters menorahs. I also sold two of Roy Kings baskets, several trivets, some candy dishes, and a lot of puzzles of all types, especially my 16 piece square and cylinder puzzles and toddler tray puzzles. I have given up trying to predict what will sell. Last year, I sold a lot of bookmarks and letter openers and standup puzzles. This year very few. I just bring all I make and put out samples of each variety. My inventory list is invaluable when people ask me if I have a ---------, I can quickly look. Since I keep my boxes, all labeled of course, of extras behind and under the area where the objects are displayed, it is really easy to find something.

            A day without sawdust is a day without sunshine.

            delta 650, hawk G426


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