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  • Consignment advice needed

    There is a small gift shop in my area that works on consignments. Can anyone else involved with this topic answer some questions?

    1. What commission is reasonable?
    2. Do you employ a formal signed agreement? If yes, can you provide a copy or a source to obtain one?
    3. Do you increase pricing at all to offset all/part of the commission?
    4. Does your agreement afford removing items from the store at your discretion?
    5. Does your artwork include a box of any kind?
    6. Does your agreement indicate any lost/stolen items are the same as a sale (or something to that effect)?
    7. Do you rotate items (if the agreement permits that) replacing low/no sale items with different pieces?
    8. Should a direct sale to the store be discussed before agreeing to a consignment agreement?

    Any other helpful insights is greatly appreciated.

    BTW...I had to redesign my website after moving to a new host. Any feedback is welcomed.

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    Well I did it in 2 stores locally. Now one buys outright to get a better discount from me.

    2. Yes it includes terms of agreement and accurate inventory.
    3. On some items if the traffic will allow it.
    4. Yes. By all means.
    5. No all mine or most of it is shrink wrapped and has my information on a tag.
    6. I demand store is responsible for lost/stolen/broken pieces or it stays at home.
    7. Yes every 3-4 weeks.
    8. If at all possible. I sweeten the pot by agreeing to buy back or swap out any unsold merchandise after 90 days so long as it is still clean and undamaged for local merchants, I also give them a 35% discount off normal retail prices for any purchases they make. This is of course negotiable.

    Hope that helps.
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      The consignment % will vary from store to store. The place I'm in is called an art gallery and the percent there varies depending on how much time the artist volunteers. Anywhere from 30 to 40%. Another gallery my daughter is in is 50%.
      You will need to also find out if the shop takes a percent off of what you price an item, or if they add the % to your price.
      The shop should have a contract for you to read and it should answer all of your questions before you sign it. If they don't, then personally I wouldn't leave anything with them.
      Definately sign something and keep an inventory of what you take in and what sells.
      Oh- and ask when you would get paid when things sell so you know that too.


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        I am in three places, one is monthly fee and 15% store percentage, second is smaller monthly fee and 20% store percentage and one that is no fee and 30% store percentage. They are each 50 miles apart and in different kinds of settings.

        The most important bottom line is if they will make you money. None of the places I am in are the fixed floor space type where you rent a spot. One of my decision methods is to get a coffee or soft drink and a newspaper, then camp out across from the store and watch their traffic. Take note of how many customer come through and are they carrying bags out. Also you need to make a judgement on if the people that frequent the store are the type that would buy what you make.

        Many stores will not let you have prices in the store that are different than what you sell anywhere else. I think that is good sense for you also so the customer knows the price is real. My other thought is that even 30% for a full time store representing you is much better than you paying for an 8 hour show, spending the day, paying the fee and then all the other costs of doing it.

        Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of stores popped up in the past couple years and have no track record. Some of the people running them are naive or just getting by themselves. I would suggest avoiding those.

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          I did a three weekend consignment with a signed (by both parties) agreement in May. It was very successful and I plan to have items at their 5 weekend consignment for the holidays. Mike gave me fantastic advice as to what to expect and what to make sure I got in writing. The nice part is that you don't have to be their to make sales.

          multiple vendors at the three weekend (9 days) show.
          30% commission
          they had insurance to cover missing or broken items.
          I could add or remove items as needed.
          I set up the display and left extra items in boxes under the table. It actually worked.
          I set the price and they sold at that price.
          We did a detailed inventory when I left the items and again when I picked them up. We both initialed the inventory.
          Every item had a tag with a unique vendor letter and my own numbering systemso they could credit the correct vendor.

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            George - Great news. Real glad it worked for you. Not all places draw the right clientele to sell out products at, but looks like you found one.
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