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  • Day 1 of Craft Show


    I made it to the show today! Guess that kidney stone is gone.

    My pics are not too good, sorry. People kept coming by and it was hard to get a good shot. At least you can see our set up. The smiling woman sitting at the end of one table is my SIL Silvia.

    Fridge magnets were good sellers. I'm almost sold out.

    Not a single bunny dish has sold so far. Thought sure they would go early.
    Never know what the customers will buy.

    We did sell a variety of $5-15 items, which is ok with us. We made booth rent, Indian business License fees and are still $$ ahead.

    Traffic was steady all day. There are 70+ vendors at this show and a good variety of quality items are available.

    Saturday should be a very good sale day, according to past history. Here's hoping they run to our booth with $$ waving. LOL

    Nancy in AZ
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    Looks good Nancy. Glad you are doing better. Thanks for sharing your pics with us.

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      Nice set up. So glad you did good the first day, hopefully better tomorrow.


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        Very good, Nancy! Keep it up and enjoy!!!
        Mtnman Jim

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          Good for you on first day paying for the weekend. Glad to hear you are feeling better.
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            Glad you are able to get there after all your work getting ready! Hope the rest of the show goes great for you.




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              Nice looking set up.
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                good looking display
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                  I'm glad you made it to profit on your first day...The rest is all gravy...
                  Good for you...!!!
                  Nice looking set up too..

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                    It's great to pay your expenses on the Friday. Typically Saturdays are the busy days.

                    Is the show in a casino? We did one in a casino once - never again. People are more interested in spending their money in the slots.

                    Hope the rest of the weekend goes great for you!


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                      Glad to read you made it to the show......too bad you didn't pass the kidney stone, you could have put it in one of those Easter boxes as an attraction lure to your table.
                      Good luck with the rest of the weekend.
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