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Selling item with purchased artwork

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  • Selling item with purchased artwork

    I'm trying to find a way to help offset my hobby and keep the wife happy and tolerant of all the garage time. Most ly I want to recoup the cost of materials and be a source of funding new tools and related expenses.

    Not being an artist I'm practicing on calendars purchased from the 100 yen/Dollar Tree/99 cent store.

    I will include the original artists name and artwork title but is it 'legal/safe' allowed for me to:
    1) sell them
    2) advertise them

    I could see that selling would be the less challenging issue. After all anyone could purchase a calendar and say 'Hey, how much would you charge to make a puzzle out of this for me?'

    Advertising could be a bit more problematic. 'Hey I have Disneyland puzzles for sale.' Photo or artwork purchased may argued as not sold for that purpose. If I took the photo would that provide any additional protection.

    Of course all this presumes I could get any traffic based on all the superior puzzlers that are out there.
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    If you want to be completely in the clear then use only copyright free images or images for which you have explicit permission from the owner.

    You will find several previous discussions of using calendar images on the forum, but the only really solid answer is not to get legal advice from random yahoos on the internet

    I know that the calendar I have on my wall explicitly says "The removal and reuse of pages of this work is strictly prohibited". Whether that statement has any legal standing isn't something worth my testing.



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      [QUOTE=Arcy;397442]"The removal and reuse of pages of this work is strictly prohibited". UNQUOTE.

      That statement seems a little over the top. It basically prohibits you from wrapping your garbage or lining your bird cage with their product as well as any other use you may have for used paper.



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        My feelings are that if you purchase the calender, and do not reproduce the pictures for mass sales of a particular image you will be fine. Creating a single copy of a calender photo should not get you into trouble. I made a Disney item once and got letter telling me to cease and desist. I did and have never heard anymore from them.

        Just use your head, technically you should contact each artist/photographer and seek permission if copyrighted. It seems to be easier to ask for forgiveness than permission...just my 2 cents and not the official stance of this forum....Copyrights are meant to be protected.
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