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  • Selling during the summer?

    What items mostly sell in shows from April to Jully. I want to attend a show early summer, but don't know what to focus on making. I was going to do some puzzeles and ornaments, but do the ornaments sell all year around good or just during the fall?

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    I don't have very good luck with ornaments not during the season. Your local may very well drive your sales. Horse items in a horse area, dogs things, crosses, puzzles, bandsaw boxes, car and trucks, plaques....The ideas are endless, it all depends on your quality, merchandising and the customers willingness to buy.
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      Like Mike said many items will sell except Christmas ornaments. I find birds, fish and horse items do well. Also try puzzles and framed pictures.
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        This is just my two cents...but I suspect sales are slow everywhere the first part of the year and into spring as it seems everyone is trying to re-coop from the holidays and of course the dreaded tax season. My experience has been that they do not purchase a lot of decorative/ornamental artwork but will spend some money on functional pieces such as boxes, mirrors, bowls/platters etc. Lower price point items such as bookmarks, charms, keychains, magnets and such seem to sell in this area also. For some reason, even tho the economy is slow, people will spend money on animal/pet orientated items.

        Like I said, just my two cents...good luck and let us know how it goes...oh, and show us picts of what you come up with.
        ~ Kim

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          Kim does raise a very good point. No matter how bad things get people seem to spend money on their pets. For some pets are their family. So items like food bowl stands, leash holders, pet pictures and the like will sell.
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