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  • craft show table display

    I would like to know how some of you set up your table at a craft show particularly for fretwork scroll sawing items.
    Is there a book or magazine I can look at for ideas?
    I think I put to many items on the table?

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    Share some pics of your display and perhaps we can offer some suggestions.
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      Do a search on the forum. Lots of people post pictures of their displays. You can also look under the Scroll Saw Buisness Side link.


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        If you think you put too many things on the table then you're probably right. I created a stacking shelf system to help add some height to my table display. The idea is like nesting tables so the transport with less space and stack on top on one another. Another good and economical display addition is to use a collapsible shelving system. You can pick one up at a home improvement store for $20 or so. They are plastic and have 4 shelves. Add shelf liners and your good to go for a small investment.

        Just a couple ideas that are quick an inexpensive. Do a search as recommended and you will find lots of great ideas. Some are pretty elaborate and require a certain amount of dedication to craft shows to justify the out put of time and money.

        The photo shows the stack-able shelves I described and yes the herbal table display is way too crowded
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          Too much is not a good thing. Your tables should be neat and organized. You do not want the halter-skleter look Cover the tables with a solid color sheet or table cloth to enhance/highlight your work. You can put some various sized boxes under the table cloth to create a tiered display.
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            All of my items for sale are natural color of the wood. I use no paint nor stain. Just clear finish so I leave my display stands that way also. I have 100 feet of display area that will fit in a 10 x 10 space of can be set up along a wall like this:
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              Nothing saying that you have to put everything out all at once. Put out a representative sample of your work and as you sell replace what you sold with something else. Like everyone has been saying too much will turn folks off also you need a variety of things too much of one type and you will limit your customer base.

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                ...You can see my display on my gallery... but not only for fretwork. But if you show some pics of your display, I agree with Mike, we can suggest something...
                Have a good day.
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                  Are those all boxes in your display ? Very nice. Is the dark wood cedar ?



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                    Originally posted by Tom J. View Post

                    Are those all boxes in your display ? Very nice. Is the dark wood cedar ?

                    Yes, they are cedar boxes 11" x8" x 3" deep. I make a few of Oak also. I display one of each type of box and as they are sold I replace them with back up stock. I have approx 80 different box & inlay designs. I also offer some Intarsia and wall hung crosses and stars. Oh yes, some toys also.
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