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  • Peg Board Display Question

    OK Dec. 3 is my first crafts show, I am making a peg board display to sit behind the table. I have to make it in 2 4X4 piece's due to hauling in car, My question is any experience on building legs and feet out of 2X4's? I framed the 2 piece's of peg board with 1X2's and have hardware to attach legs. I am curious on how high should the bottom of the display be I was guessing 30". Any advice for me? TY in advance
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    Make a base that you can clamp to the table top and you won't need legs. Just take along some ballast to add some extra weight to the front of the table just in case there is a tipping issue. If you solve the issue this way your peg board displays will work in every situation so long as you have a table.

    The other alternative is to make your legs adjustable by making holes every 1 inch or so, allowing you to move them up or down the peg board display which has corresponding holes in the frame..
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      I HAD home made peg board and 2 x 4 displays. They did work for when I first started out. I have since gone to grid wall. My basic advise is to use carriage bolts and wing nuts so you can disassemble and assemble quickly. Use 2x2 stock as it will help reduce with the weight. I would also HIGHLY recommend you paint the peg board and your frames. A flat or semi gloss black works well.

      Remember your display need to highlight your work. Nice work on tacky or ugly displays will not sell.
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        Can't help with that ,But good luck with your show! And post pictures,Thanks. Lance


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          OK...this is just one way of doing will probably recieve lots and lots of advise!

          Have you already framed out your pegboard? If not, extend the side rails so they create 'legs' and then you can take 2x4's and create an upside down T, clamp together, drill holes in the legs and long rail of the T so you can use carriage bolts to bolt them together. Use the top cross of the T to clamp to the table...I sure hope that makes sense. I attached a quickie diagram. Not to scale, but should give you an idea. You can also run a 6-8' 2x4 across the legs and then clamp the 2x4 to the table, giving you a lot more stability, instead of clamping the bases individually.

          On the height, that is up to you...I created mine about 6-8" off the table so the items on the pegboard would not be blocked by what is sitting on the table. Adding shelves/ladders (use a bin and tip upside down) on your table help add appeal too instead of having everything just laying flat and on one layer. Make sure to grab some solid color tablecloths (or inexspensive solid flat sheets) to cover your table(s) to hide the clamps and storage underneath.

          Regarding color, I have mine painted black as I have alot of pieces with bright painted dots, and they really stand out. However, I saw where Mike used a nice green and it really makes the wood tones pop...check out this post and you will see what I mean... Don't forget to paint front and back, as you never know how they are going to set your display up and such. I found that spray paint works best, as it doesn't plug the holes on the pegboard...warning tho, the pegboard absorbs a lot of's some thirsty stuff - lol!

          I hope my suggestions are helpful!

          Good Luck and let us know how it goes...Happy $ale$!!!
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            Thanks everyone for all the great advice. Post pics on Sunday : )
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