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    Hello All,
    I was looking at some threads about web hosting for a website. I am using a free google site but my wed address is a paragraph long LOL. I do NOT know a thing about setting one up. So can some one explain what some of the Jargons are?
    What is a C panel, what issite pinned? What is wordpress? There was some others. But I can't remember. Thanks

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    C panel is Control Panel. That is where you control all the facets of your Web site.

    WordPress is an open sourced blogging tool. You use to build your Web site. There are probably a few other tools available to make it very easy to build your site.

    Here is some information about pinned sites: Pinned Sites - Microsoft Windows

    I would email Jim Mex with your questions. He has a lot of information that he can share with you. He was a great help to me when I was looking for information.
    -- Rick --


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      thanks for your help


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        could not find a member named "Jim Mex"


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          Hi Kardar, Another way to shorten your web address is to do what I do. I purchased my URL (web Address) from godaddy at $9 per year. Then on godaddy you can "forward" you new address ie: to the url of your web site. I know this sounds difficult but after you purchase your web name from godaddy it is only one click to do it. You can click my link below and you will see it is a long ETSY web address. But if you type, it comes up without typing the etsy address given to me by etsy. I hope this helps.
          Proud new owner of an EX-21



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            well I guess I was to quick cause I signed up with a web hosting site and already used my name so when I went to godaddy it was taken. Well I guess I will just pay the $10 a mo.


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