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  • animal puzzle pricing

    I don't cut stand-up animal puzzles, but at a recent large craft show, the one scroller there, who was admittdly new to making puzzles, was selling some well-cut animal puzzles of all sorts of sizes and shapes for $30 to $50.

    I didn't say anything but I did feel his prices were quite a bit high and would like to drop some hints to him. What do you sell them for?



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      It depends on the complexity but usually $15.00 to $20.00. Unless it is a 4-5 piece small child's puzzle those are $5-$10.00 each usually. I do have others that are $50.00 and up but they have quite a lot of detail and are hand painted.
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        I have always sold my animal puzzles for $30. Bear in a box for $60.

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          Hi Carter

          Be careful that the guy that knows exactly what each piece costs him to make and expects a very small return when selling to strangers doesn't give you a few well chosen hints in return

          Don't forget that he was also paying for the stand.


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            Sounds a bit high but there are factors to consider such as the quality and wood used.
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              I sell all of mine no matter what they are made of for $20 or less..
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                Mine range in price from about $15 - $45 with most in the $30 range. I know my costs on every piece and set my pricing accordingly. I've sold a lot of puzzles at these prices and am fine in knowing that my customers (many of whom are return customers) are getting a quality piece for a fair price. Sounds like he may be doing the same.

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                  I sell mine for $10 - $75 depending on wood type, number of pieces, and finish. The frog pictured in a post above would go for $17.50 in unfinished birch plywood and $30 if made out of walnut and finished.
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                    Id say two to three bucks per piece if using hardwood, and are nicely cut and flawless finish seems like a reasonable price to me, but then again, I havent done craft shows so I dont know if thats good or not.
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                      I tried some puzzles (pine) and selling them for $10-20, but they did not sell after three festivals. A lot of people looked at them, but didn't buy. So I donated them to a local charity event...but his prices do seem high.

                      I have always sold my animal puzzles for $30. Bear in a box for $60.
                      Dave, luv your Bear in a Box!!! I do not do too many puzzles, but I liked your box that made using a laminate or veneer to get the 'bend' of the box? Is it your own design?
                      ~ Kim

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                        It may sound strange, but I found that when I raised prices to $20 to whatever the traffic allowed, the puzzles sold faster. I have sold the Peterson Phoenix puzzle for $100. That one was cut from aspen for the phoenix and bloodwood for the flames. The hanging macaw puzzle is $75. It's painted and large. Haven't had a complaint about the prices yet. All of my puzzles are cut from hardwoods.


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                          I am a Norwegian tine’ maker. So bending wood is my main craft.

                          The puzzle box sides are made with bending poplar veneer. I boil it for 2 minutes, place it on a form, mark, remove from form and secure overlap with copper tacks. Place back on form and then bend a lid around the side.

                          Cut top and bottom to fit. Drill through side and lid into top and bottom piece and secure with a round tooth pick.

                          I glue a thin piece on the top to cover the veneer edge.

                          I just design the size, the technology is 12 century.

                          Nordic craftsmen lace the overlap, Shaker craftsmen use copper tacks.

                          You can see some of my tiner in my Etsy shop.




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                            Dave - I cannot thank you enough for sharing your website and your information!!! A very interesting technique, and wonderful that you use traditional methods and give history and such for each of your gorgeous pieces. I have experimented some with bending veneers to add to my pieces...this is truly an inspiration!!!

                            Nothing against the 'puzzle maker' pricing...but your prices seem almost too low for such a wonderfully handcrafted piece of art/collectable.

                            Thank you again!
                            ~ Kim

                            A day in my shop is like a day at the beach...full of sunshine and ya never know where the sawdust may end up!



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                              I've been selling the Peterson animal puzzles in 1" basswood finished with mineral oil for $27, some 5 piece ones for $25 and fantasy for $30. My big percentage of sales are to aunts and grandparents, with only 25% to the actual parents.

                              Small church shows will not sell any at that price range, people are looking for $10 and lower. I sold 40 in 7 hours last fall at a high school show, it was just the right show, well advertised and in October. Then there were all the weekend farmers markets that didn't cover the fuel and coffee to attend.

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