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  • Craft Show Dilemma

    There is a craft show coming up in December in my area that I am considering being a part of and would like some advice on whether or not to participate. I sell Christmas ornaments, necklaces, and some framed things. The price on the Christmas ornaments ranges from $3-$5, the necklaces are $12, and the framed things are $20. The craft show will cost me $55 dollars for booth space and I have never done one before so I don't really know if this is a good price for space or not. I also don't know whether people in my area really buy things at shows like this, I have been selling stuff by word of mouth for awhile and I was really just wondering if I should do the show or not, any responses would be appreciated.

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    You can't answer that question 'till the day after the show.
    Go for it. They are usually fun even if you don't have alot of sales you always realize some sort of profit.

    Can you you show us some pix of your work?
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      Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.


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        Thanks for the replies! do you think it might be a better idea for me to find out if there are any cheaper craft shows going on in the area and try to go to one of those?


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          Go for it. You may make a nice little profit or you might not. They can be a lot of fun and you will get a chance to see what all is out there and make a few connections. $55 seems a little high if it is just for one day. Good luck. I'd love to see some pictures of what you make too.


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            Cheaper doesn't always mean better. If they are charging that much, it might mean they have a high attendance and can get away with charging a high table fee. Go this year and check it out. If it's great, stick with it. If it stinks, go somewhere else next year. Sometimes these things are trial and error. It's hard to take that first plung but that's the best way to learn.


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              Here is some of the necklaces I make and a napkin holder I made.
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                If you have the time and the $55.00 isn't too big a stretch for your budget, go for it. You might surprise yourself and sell out of everything, or you might face a crowd who just doesn't want to part with their money. The main thing is to look at it as a learning experience and a way to meet new people.

                Spend some time reading the : Craft Shows Tips and Suggestions topic in the Business Side forum here. Don't think you need to do everything, but you might find an idea or two that will help.

                Finally, think about how you'll present yourself and your work. You don't need a fancy display, but you want to do more than just throw your things on a bare table.

                Good Luck!


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                  I am doing one this weekend. The price is $35.00. While $55.00 sound a little high, it is not terrible. My 2 cents says go for it. It will be a great experience.
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                    Go for it. I am doing one in early December that cost me $50 for 16' of table space. That seems to be about the going rate in this area. They are always a lot of fun, hard work, and I have yet to lose money at one but sometimes I don't make a lot of profit.

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                      Go for it, $55 in my area is cheap.
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                        I would do the show the amount is not that bad we have paid anywhere from $25.00 - 175.00 for a show.And some of those we didn't sell a thing you just never know what people are looking for.


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                          You can do it!!! If ya don't give it a try you will never know. The table/booth fee seems reasonable...wish they were that cheap around here, as our cheapest event is $75, with most +$100 just for one day and a 10' x 10' that you have to set up.

                          Good Luck!!!
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                            $55 is not too much. A lot will depend upon the venue of the show but I can almost guarantee that your items will be unique. If you have a good variety you should do fine. Like folks have been suggesting .. go for it anything over the cost of the space is good. Besides as more folks see your work it in itself is a form of advertising. Goog luck at the show.

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                              I agree you should do the show. You need to start somewhere. Perhaps you will find you would rather sell your items word of mouth like you have been doing, but I find it is always good to show to as many people as you are looking for the few that will like and purchase your might have to go through allot of people and maybe only a few. Remember, the person that is running the show is in this to make money the same as you are selling items you make and most of the time they are only renting spaces. If the shows is in a location that draws in people the cost may be great.
                              I agree you need to have table cloths for your table....set up your area to look like your items are one of a kind...just like they are. I really like your napkin holder by the that your design?


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