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  • Portrat to pattern pricing??

    I have from time to time come across someone wanting a cutting of a portrait. Most times it is just family or friends and I just most times charge for the materials or whatever. Now these portraits are being seen from friends of the family members or friends of friends etc etc.

    Not being too good or fast at making the patterns raises a question for me. How do I go about charging for this type of work? I love cutting the portraits but not so much doing the patterns.

    So what do you all charge or better yet how do you figure your price?

    No matter what price I give will be a loss for me as it takes me a very long time to make patterns. I know that I can use other people to create the patterns from here and other scroll saw sites. But the point is I need the practice anyway. But that doesn't mean I will do these cutting for free, lol

    Thanks for any advice/help,

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    One of the great advantages of this site is the willingness of fellow scroll saw artist to assist each other.
    I also cannot make a pattern, and your right, that since it would take so long trying, you have lost all 'profit'.

    I sell all my scroll saw art as a fund raiser for my favorite charity. I do not hesitate to ask for help to make a pattern for me. There are many members who have the talent and can make a pattern in a relatively short time, and most important, are willing to help.

    For my portrait cuttings I charge $75.00 for the first one with 1 or 2 heads and $55.00 for any additional ordered at the same time. (Stack cutting)

    Since customers know they are making a "DONATION", I have not had too many refusals on the price for a family keepsake.

    I have cut, not only family members, alive and deceased, but also many pets, cars and even a cement truck for an office.

    I cut the portrait either 8"X10" or 8 1/2" X 11". Then mat it as well as put it in an 11" X 14" oak frame from Wally world.

    That's my system. Hope it helps.


    Old Dust


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      G'day Kev,
      I know a couple of very good pattern designers charge $20 for converting a photograph to a pattern.
      I am like you, I can come up with a good pattern but it takes me a hellova long time.
      When people ask about the price I tell them $30, non-refundable for the pattern.
      I don't get many takers, but that's fine with me because I'd rather be making sawdust than making patterns.
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        Thanks for the comments, I think I just need to charge more for this type of work and maybe I wont get anymore of it, LOL Really I don't get much request for this anyway but every time I do I say to myself Oh Boy here we go again, always when I am busy with other stuff too, LOL

        Thanks again,


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