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Oven Pulls finished, picked up and paid for

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  • Oven Pulls finished, picked up and paid for

    Got them done 15 minutes before they came to pick them up. Got $20 each for them
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    May the wind at you back .....
    Not be from Lunch.

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    Great job and congrats on the sales.
    "Still Montana Mike"

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      Very nicely done! Congrats on the orders.
      God Bless! Spirithorse


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        Beautiful work and a fair price for them. Congratulations.

        A day without sawdust is a day without sunshine.

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          Very nice work and way to go on the sale of them.


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            Yeay Oily,
            You give hope to us humble artists..
            Nice sale...!!!
            ...And they look like hardy tools too...
            Nicely done...!!!!

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              nice result


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                very nice indeed!!


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                  Was the lacquer dry??
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                  Too early to leave, too late to call in.


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                    Nice work. Good enough to hang on the wall as an art work. Magic


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