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  • Disappointed

    I just returned from a vacation in my native West Virginia and the state operates a center for artisans to sell their wares and was surprised to see laser cut pieces mixed in with hand cut items. Just seems to me automated pieces would be segregated from hand made items.

    The things they sell in this place are beautiful and range from $9 puzzles to $18K sculptures and sellers are juried before selling. I saw some great scrolled pieces there and years ago, I got the idea for wooden bookmarks from this place.

    The wood item website is here.

    I'm just venting at the inclusion of computer made pieces being displayed with traditional scroll sawing, turning and carving--as well as some magnificent carpentry.
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    I wonder if the people on the jury of this center know enough about our craft to recognize a laser-cut piece. Maybe someone needs to mention it to them........


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      Short cuts thats just one of todays major problems with folks today.

      Hand made is where it is at. Guess I am just venting Sorry.

      Jim you are exactly right they should be separated so there is no confusion. I have been approached by family, friends and strangers who look at my work and then state "Oh they did that on a computer I have seen this laser thingy they cut it with." Boy that just urks me!


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        I have to admit, my first reaction to the laser stuff was pretty negative. It was probably very similar to those craftsman eons ago that had spent countless hours mastering the hand frame fret saws, then seeing someone use a pedal scrollsaw. Not a lot of folks using the hand-frame any more. I hope laser don't do that same thing to the scroll saw.

        There was an interesting thread on this sometime ago. Check out the comments by Rick-H. Kind of interesting perspective from someone that has as much sweat equity in the scroll sawing as he does. (don't know why the link mis-spells laser)

        I've seen some of the laser projects, and they are quite impressive. However, I would like to see a laser try to cut through 1.5 oak without burning the snot out of it. The projects I saw were very very thin.

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          The way I look at lasers is that they're like photography is to painting. If you're using a laser to express your artistic idea (i.e., original design), you have a place in a fine-arts/crafts show. However, if you're just mass-producing someone else's pattern, you might as well be from China.

          With the cost of lasers, I doubt if they're going to be wide-spread at the craftsman level.


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            Did you vent to the organizers? What was their response?

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