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Insertion of a marquetry pattern in a stained glass window

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  • Insertion of a marquetry pattern in a stained glass window

    Hello everyone !

    I would like that you give me your evaluation, advises, and suggestions of this projet, which is almost finish, but can be modify easily ! And do not be embarassed to give me your advises !πŸ˜‰

    So here is the stained glass window made by my sister , which falled on the floor and partialy broke.

    Capture d'Γ©cran 2023-01-26 17.19.07 (2).png

    She had made it very ''transparent'' so that the outside light could enter well.
    The red line is the part to replace, where there the glass broke.

    Not doing this marquetry hobby rarely , I offered her to put a scene in marquetry and that will be in the style of the rest. A return to marquetry with a lot of trial and error to find the pattern. Nice challenge!
    Not easy! The stained glass measures 25'' X 14'' and the broken part is about 11'' X 13''!
    I used 1/8" MDF, the same thickness as the stained glass, cut the shape of the hole with an insertion in the frame on the right, which allowed me to give more solidity to the MDF once it was cut. The perimeter is glued to the metal with a glue in places for more rigidity.

    IMG_3182 (2).jpg

    Then the pattern in the shape of a tree branch, , and a hummingbird feasting in a similar flower. The marquetry pattern is glued to the MDF on both sides of the stained glass window, as it will be hanging from a window again, as it was before it fell and broke.

    IMG_3183 (2).jpg

    So I have to make the patterns in double which will be glued one behind the other, and in this way, identical on both sides....or almost...πŸ˜‰!

    But but after couple of tries, I had changed the fixation of both birds, beacause after looking at the bird with its wings open, it could not be fixed on a tree branch!

    Back to the sources for the size of the marquetry, and which requires a lot of ''tenderness'' during the cuts with an exacto. I still had a lot of different colored marquetry, some of which have such beautiful reflections in the light!

    So the drawing of the hummingbird and the flower,found on the web, in real size that I transferred on the marquetry.


    Γ€ suivre... soon !


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    I anxiously await seeing your final result. You have me intrigued!
    Linda at


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      The birds are coming......

      After a lot of tries , I decided to put a full center instead of a small branch. And I had the idea to put them differents on each side
      This one is a field with a small part of ground soil

      IMG_3206 (2).jpg

      and the other with .....water !πŸ˜‰

      IMG_3208 (2).jpg

      But as you see I had allready put on both a small opening for the branch supporting the bird. So I had to fill them later.

      Tadam...... the birds



      Γ€ suivre....
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        That is amazing
        ArtCrafters in Dayton, TN


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          The blue bird over the small lake, and the green one on top of the field.
          Yes the birds like very much there new colors....πŸ˜‰

          I also cut a flower as the one on the glass. Black marquetry behind the red one.

          IMG_3214 - Copie (4).jpg

          I have also to cut some parts around the middle, so wood branchs around the green field, and black rock aroud the water. Lot of delicates cuts

          IMG_3209 (2).jpg

          So here they are.....tadam.....

          IMG_3223 (2).jpg

          IMG_3226 (2).jpg

          I am very please with it but not sure that my sister will appreciate, because perhaps to much things in the middle. But had almost no choice , if I want to hold the birds as they were in flight.

          I appreciate yours comments , even if you desagree my work, but hope you have some good ideas, it is one of the reason that I am on the Forum with excellents artists.



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            When I read your initial post, I was bit confused with what you were attempting to do. Now that I see some of the work in real life it is becoming much clearer. Likke other comments it will be interesting to see the final product.
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              Well well.... the more I look at my work, the more I am not shure of it ! πŸ˜•
              I did it like because the birds had to be supported during their flight, with there wings open!

              I put the result on a window and hum ..... not any more sure!πŸ™„ My work take to much vision and place compared to the rest of the stain glass. I am happy with my insertion , but not in that stain glass. The more I think about it , I am sure my sister would agree!

              After looking, thinking, trying others possibilities, I have a flash : what material could supported the bird without seeing it.....!πŸ€” Yes sir . plexiglass ( that I have some ) or glass !

              I could put the birds and flowers at the same place and nothing more!

              What do you think about that?

              Thanks everyone !



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                It is me again....πŸ˜‰ with an other try which I think is the good one.
                Lets compare :

                the original stained glass before it broke

                305 (2) - Copie.jpg

                the same with broken glass

                IMG_3094 (2).jpg

                my first work to fill the hole

                IMG_3223 (2).jpg

                IMG_3226 (2).jpg

                and finally my last try , work with the logiciel Sketchbook, ( I am not very good working with it ) putting only a bird only ( not the good dimension ) .
                I would put also the flower at the bottom.

                As I said I would glue the bird on a plexiglass.


                VoilΓ , It is the one I prefer, because it leave much more place to the original and lest focus on my addition.

                Γ€ suivre for the final result.



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                  Agreed that the last one is most cohesive. I'm amazed at your talent!
                  Linda at


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                    The end result is beautiful I really like that Hummingbird design.
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                      Merci les amis πŸ˜‰ working on it, with the OK of my sister!

                      Γ€ suivre



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                        After a couple of ski ridesπŸ˜‰ 😁, here it is finally.

                        The original

                        305 (2) - Copie.jpg

                        and the marquetry version of mine, which is the broken part that I worked on it.

                        IMG_3246 (2).jpg
                        and the back

                        IMG_3247 (2).jpg

                        Same birds and flowers used on my first 2 versions , and added 2 green leaves , glued on a plexyglass 1/8".
                        And I varnished the plexyglass on both sides , with matte and gloss varnish, turning my brush while applying, to make it as much as the glass. But not anough for me, but it is OK!πŸ™„πŸ˜‰

                        Happy with that change , the marquetry is more part of the rest of the stained glass window!

                        Give her this week !

                        P.S. Forgot to tell you that , in the original stained glass, it is missing a small part of glass, after falling down and broken.
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