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  • Wild horses running

    I wanted to do something easy yet out of my norm. Found an old book “Artistic Scroll Saw Patterns & Projects” by Patrick Spielman & Dan Kihl. I used a wild horse design they’d done, and changed it up a bit. Appx 22” long, 6” tall. Made from scrap woods I had on hand, and of course I did not stain the wood. The backer (ash) and lip (pine) are adorned with model railroading clumps of material they use for bushes. The horses are: Mahogany, alder, walnut, maple, Aspen, and Poplar.
    Mostly wanted to share because we desperately needed some new fodder for the forum.
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    Linda at

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    Super job Linda. I need to get back in the shop more to add to the "new fodder for the forum".
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      Thank you! What a beauty! I see just a bit of shaping, amazing how much it enhances the piece. The different woods for the horses is also very nice.
      We most definitely needed some new input.
      I did a bit of turning this afternoon for a change of pace. I will post when done.

      Our weather here is really wet, probably for the rest of the week, so I will try to follow your lead and do some project for show and tell even if you did set a high bar.
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        When cleaning and rearranging, I pulled the same book out! I’m getting ready for the holidays and want to do something different.

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          Good looking piece. Like was said, the variety in the horses makes this a special piece.
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            Très beau Linda ! Like the choice of wood , and they seem running really!



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              Ok we need something new from each of you!
              Linda at


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                Thank you Linda for sharing. This reminds me of the "Running Wild" intarsia pattern (if I remember correctly it was by Judy Gale Roberts). I bought that pattern, but haven't cut it yet.

                Based on your work I just ordered that book to cut the same pattern! I have a few of Patrick's books, but not that one.

                Karl in Sunny Southwest Florida


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                  Very nice!


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                    Nice work Linda! - I really like this design.....

                    ...but you are making me feel guilty

                    I finally got my new shop extension up and running and kitted out with some nice new tools and am itching to get back to scrolling something, but this has to wait for about a month. I'm heading north of the border to Simi Valley, CA at the weekend and will be away for 3 - 4 weeks which at least will give me some time to think about what 'new fodder' I can conjure up to scroll.
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                    Jim in Mexico

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