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Tonatiuh, Aztec Sun God clock face - broken piece revealed :)

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    Jim, I don,t care what you say, You may have been slowed down a bit but your work is as stunning as ever!
    Carole, seeing the final images of a project in a photo or printed in the magazine is always an eye opener.
    I remember looking at some projects in the old Creative Woodworking and Crafts issues and seeing fuzzies and other things that looked like they never saw a piece of sandpaper.. made me cringe. The art staff at FC have always made the projects POP.

    Thanks Rolf - I really appreciate all the kinds comments and the fact that you guys suffer with patience my lengthy descriptions as to how I get to my end results.. The subject matters in my pieces are always my biggest ally in my work and its really nice to read that they are liked.
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      Ok folks - let me reveal the broken piece!

      As I noted in my lengthy work progress and issues comments those last two cheek pieces gave me some grief.

      When I came to fit in the very last piece of the face assembly, the right hand yellow cheek insert, the top part of the piece was very tight to the surrounding parts and also had a large kerf gap at the very top of the piece. I thought that it might move a little as I tapped it down into place to close up that gap but instead it snapped at the thinnest part of the piece between the blue flower tip and the green ear decoration.

      I tried to fit the broken piece in after sanding the edges back a little but it looked terrible so I decided to recut and shape the piece from a new piece of wood. I also trimmed the lower piece of the cheek insert to a position marked by the blue line in the image below thinking that this would make for a stronger bond and look less noticeable, which almost turned out to be the case. However, when I initally glued the new piece in place after staining it the glue line between the two pieces was visible as a greyish line, thin but noticeable!

      This is where my wood filler tip came to my rescue. Using a craft knife blade I carefully scratched out the glue to about 1mm depth and filled the wound with the smallest amount of wood filler and then carefully colored it with the yellow stain. After applying the top coat the result is almost invisible.

      After I had finished this it occurred to me that I ought to have orientated the grain direction of that new top piece with that of lower piece to make it even less obvious that the cheek insert was composed of two pieces, but hey, hindsight is great.

      So there you have it. Mystery over and thanks to all for not finding it, except maybe Donna

      Donna - did you find the piece?

      broken piece.jpg

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      Jim in Mexico

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        Yep, right where I thought it was. 🤥

        Yeah Bill - !
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          If this were a math problem, this tiny error would be considered a rounding error.
          If you're disappointed, I will be willing to hide it from you. Just send it along with a few hundred US dollars (for storage fees--of course).

          That sounds like a typical Jim response, i.e. from both of us!

          Sorry, no way my friend!
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            Hi Jim, I sort of had it. I thought it was where the dashed line is. You did a great job of hiding/fixing it. I had a hard time finding the area. I just wondered what area I would break and then the hunt was easier. Great Job!!!!!

            Nice work Donna! I like your logical thinking 👍
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