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  • Questions to African Plaines Zebra

    I have not been here for a long time (had to scroll, no time for writing ). I am from Germany and addicted to intarsia - my husband and me run the first and only forum for German speaking members from Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

    Here my question: I have some experience doing intarsia (Einstein and Lincoln from JGR) and I have scrolled my way through nearly all published books. Looking for a personal challenge I saw and bought the pattern (Zebras) from Kathy Wise. Now, THAT is a challenge. I have been sitting for two days now, looking at the pattern and trying to make a plan on how to start. Is there somebody here who had already done it? How did you start?

    My first idea is to start with the zebra on the left and maybe scroll a black and a white one and insert the white parts into the black zebra. Does this make sense or are there other and better ideas?

    I would be happy to get some hints from you.

    (and if you want to see some of my work, you can have a look here: )

    Thank you and have a nice day,
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    Wow - that's a pattern! Looks to me like you are going to waste a lot of black (dark) wood anyway, so you idea is as good as any I would have.

    That is going to be some really fine cutting, but looking at your work on your website, I think you can handle quite easily. Good Luck and have fun with that one,

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      Yes, that will be a challenge to do the cuts and have them meet with no gaps. Please post your progress and comments on the wood you use and other information.


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        After that much thought and no bright ideas, just start cutting somewhere. There must not be an obvious best place.
        I wouldn't even think of starting that. Please keep us posted as you progress. It will motivate us and provide motivation to you in the form of feedback.

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          Nice to see you posting again, Angelika. Since I don't do intarsia, I can't offer any help, but I took a look at that pattern and would love to see how you decide to tackle it.

          And should you (or anyone else on your forum) ever need any help with making bowls, then maybe I can be of some use!

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            Welcome back. I would reach out directly to Kathy Wise via her website and see if she can give you some specific direction or insight on how to tackle this pattern. Most of the pattern designers are very willing to help users out with questions. Good luck with it. Please show us some photos.
            Melanie from East TN


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              Thank you all for your encouraging comments and I will posts the progress, I promise.

              First of all I will do some preparations: I will prepare a plywood base the size of the pattern with a rim only for this piece of work so I can assemble the scrolled parts and put it aside when I need a break and do another piece for the sake of variety. Then I have to check my stock and maybe buy some more wood.

              I think it is a good idea to contact Kathy Wise - sometimes you do not have the best and obvious thought!

              And yes, Carole, we will ask you for help in bowl questions. Thank you!
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              Just living is not enough said the butterfly. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. (Hans Christian Andersen)

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                Angelika you have amazing skills and patience. Did you do the intarsia nativity by Anleitung von Holger Pfannkuch in the winter 2015 issue of Feinschnitt? That was a lot of fun.
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                  Your work is amazing.


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                    Your work is stunning. Welcome back.

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                      I deleted my earlier post because I realized that you said what the pattern was in the title of your post. It will be worth the effort to make. It would be interesting if the mirrored zebras, on the water, were a bit lighter almost grey instead of the full black of the ones standing. Just a thought.
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                        I always start with what I feel will be the hardest part first. What would be your biggest challenge?

                        But you could....Email Kathy and ask her. You’d be surprised how helpful designers can be.
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