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Military intarsia, work in progress

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  • Military intarsia, work in progress

    I recently did a kickstarter campaign to do a bunch projects for my military folks. I have about 10 pieces in total, and wanted to share the progress of it. The pictures below are still work in progress, but all they need at this point is some lacquer, maybe a clear UV protectant, and a frame. I am planning on making the frames myself as well.

    Feel free to check out the kickstarter as well. It was a fun campaign and I enjoyed doing it! Each piece has brought a new kind of challenge and I've been trying new techniques to overcome them. With this series of projects I've had to learn and use woodburning, carving (with hand chisels, not power carving or shaping), and inlay.

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    Excellent workmanship !


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      Very nice work! I've done two or three custom unit crests for military or retired military. The fun begins when trying to make small fleur de lis that a lot of the Cav and armor units love.

      Keep it up.

      My Son-in-law said "Darnit, I cut this board twice, now. And it's still too short."


      • #4 did a great job.

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          Well done very nice work


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