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  • Tree Frog

    Just completed the Tree Frog designed by Kathy Wise. The belly is Osage Orange. Great color, just wish it would stay that way.
    The leaves are poplar. It was nicely figured but need more color so I washed with diluted acrylic paints. Didn't get the color I really wanted but close. Even diluted paints seem to cover the natural patterns in the wood. Would using dye get me color without hiding the grain?

    Wife like it and wants to hang upstairs but wants something to go with it as a matched pair. I guess it is back to the books and magazines downstairs to find something.

    "Time to give back."
    "Time to Give Back"

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    That is an awesome piece of art!
    AKA Paul from Washington State


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      Very well done.
      ArtCrafters in Dayton, TN


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        Alcohol based dyes dont hide the grain but you will have to figure the color of the wood in with the dye color when planning the final result.
        Stabilized blanks and more


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          Nice one Wayne.

          We do not have tree frogs in New Zealand but I do have memories of eating at Al Capones pizza hut in St Lucia, in the Caribbean, in the mid 80s and being accompanied by them.


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            He looks like something straight out of the zoo! When needing to use diluted acrylic paint, I've found the best results by slightly moistening the wood with water first. The colors seem to be much less paint like and the grain shows better--almost like a good stain. Nicely done.
            Linda at


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