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  • Greek Coptic Cross

    An artist (painter) asked me to make a cross that would resemble the one in a picture he supplied to me, and using some very old redwood he had gotten from Oregon many years ago. He specified it was to be 7 inches tall, and be able to stand on a shelf. Redwood with a clear polyurethene finish. He picked up the finished cross today and was extremely happy. The wonderful thing about what we do is the variety!
    Linda at

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    Nicely done. That's a very good re-creation of the one in the photo. No wonder he was happy.
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      I agree about variety, keeps things fresh and challenging. This really came out great.
      Are the pieces individually cut or did you carve the grooves? The flower looks like individual pieces, do you have any fingernails left from shaping those?
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        The circle was done by carving the grooves.
        The rest of it was cut completely through on the scroll saw, individually shaped, glued back together, etc.
        The flower was cut from a lighter section of the redwood piece I was using, and they were individual little pieces. I have to say, my nails are probably shorter than they've ever been after doing those little petals!
        Linda at


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          Sweeeeeet job Linda, nice to see something different.
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            You did a wonderful job re-creating this from the photo. The cross turned out beautifully.
            Jo Labre - in beautiful Racine, Wisconsin

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