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His first inlay attempts

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  • His first inlay attempts

    I received an email from a stranger asking for instruction on doing wood work and I set up a meet with him and we have been working/playing together in my shop for about a month now. He decided to try doing some inlay so I set him up on a project he liked and he tried cutting it. Well watching him attempt this opened my eyes to how hard doing this can be if you have not used a scroll saw much before trying inlay. Inlay is a one way cut. You cannot go back and correct or modify anything like you can in cutting toys, for instance. I found inlay easy from the start because I already had cut a lot of things on my saw. Toys, puzzles and lettering. He had trouble following the line and keeping the curves smooth. So I had him draw a bunch of circles and shapes on 3/4" wood and practice a few hours. His skill improved a lot after that. He has since done an acceptable job and is pleased with his progress. We are having fun and that is the reason for all this sawdust making.
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    Congratulations Jim on your first Apprentice I am sure that he will be quite fine doing inlay after being taught by you. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and skills.

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      He is lucky to have the master of inlay showing how it is done. Watching videos or reading is never as good as having someone show you.
      It is amazing how we take the skills it took us years to aquire for granted.
      The first Inlay I did was in an advanced scrolling class presented by John Nelson.
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        I have a similar experience, Jim. A friend wanted to make chess pieces using compound cutting. I suggested we go through the lessons in the Scroll Saw Workbook before attempting compound cutting. You could see the skill level improve. He is now in his own shop and making sawdust.
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          So very kind of you to take a stranger under your wing. You have most likely made a friend for life.
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            We could all with a Jim to help us while we are learning to do inlay work.

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