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  • Mother's Day Present

    This is something i made my dear old mum for mother's day, i got the flower plan out of a library book entitled-The Art of Intarsia-projects and patterns, by Garnet Hall.

    The wood for the flower came from an old bread bin my wife did'nt want, all i know is when it was bought it said it was "Rubberwood". The plate i turned from an old chopping board and have no idea what it is.For my first try i must admit to being very pleased with the result, it was finished using a water based clear varnish, and the flower was finished with water based mahogany varnish.I'll post more pictures in the gallery.
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    Looks good Kevin - and it sounds like you did some recycling

    I'm hoping you're late posting the pic since Mother's Day was last weekend in the UK ...

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      Hi Ian,cheers, i took the pics last week and just remembered to post them. LOL. Old age strikes again.
      I've got quite a few bits and pieces to re-cycle good job i'm a hoarder.LOL.


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        Kevin, that is just wonderfull. your friend Evie


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          Very nice Kevin, the simple flower was one of the first ones I did. My first, the Rose, is also from that
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            Very nice plate. Love it.
            Mother's day is the second Sunday in May here. Is your mothers on this side of the ocean?
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              love it kevin, like the turned plate too, for your first attempt, be proud, i would be..


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                Very nice! And yeah! rah! on the recycling. I also have some wood that I think is really nice but I have no idea what it is.

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                  Looks like the chopping block was white ash..but can't be too sure with the photo quality, but white ash is certainly hard enough for chopping block material. I'm thinking the real life look is a golden white with golden brown streaks? The flower looks great too, your mother should be proud.
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                    Thanks to everyone for the kind comments, Diane my mother lives not far from me, Mother's Day was March 18th here in the U.K. and our clocks go forward this coming weekend, "HOORAY" it's also now officially Spring,"HOORAY". It was really good to get back in the shop and do some work after having so much time off with pain, touch wood as long as i don't spend too much time in one working position i seem to be alright, so i'm giving myself say 20 minutes sawing,20 minutes sanding and 20 minutes rest and things are o.k.


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