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  • Aries mask

    Worked this weekend on cutting my mask. It still needs sanding but I wanted you to see how I've arranged the woods and colors on it. It is my first of either segmentation or intarsia. I can see all the work and thinking that goes into a project. I am proud of this one.
    I thank Sue and Toni for the pattern that gave me a chance to learn something new.
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    Very nice choice of colors! ...cutting is great too!

    Be sure to post a picture of it when it's done.


    • #3 did an EXCELLENT job on the Aries project!! Your should be quite proud of certainly isn't an easy project to do with those sharp cuts..well done!! I look forward to seeing it all finished..I'm glad you joined us on this challenge!

      Sue Chrestensen


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        VERY well done Diane, you've definately got an eye for this type of work.


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          Looks real good so far Diane. It's nice to see that you stayed mostly with natural woods too.
          Jeff Powell


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            thats wonderfull. nice cutting, and love the colors. Evie


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              Nice job, Diane. Do you plan on raising any of the pieces?

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                Hey that is a really nice job, Diane, both with the cutting and the wood colours - I'm not surprised you're proud of it. Well done!

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                  Way to go Diane, this is really going to turn out nice. Keep us posted.

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                    you said you were going to do it...

                    and you did......
                    It looks great, can't wait to see it finished...

                    Hawk G-4 Jetcraft
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                      By all means, finish it, and take your time to keep up the good work. I hope when I get to my first serious intarsia it turns out as good as yours. And I, too, like your choice of NATURAL woods and their colors - only coloring the eye, and that adds a bit of interest.

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                        I will finish the mask for sure. The only reason the eye is blue is because I wanted it to be black but didn't have any wood that was pure black so I decided that if I was going to color it then it might as well be something outstanding.
                        My daughter who is a redhead with brown eyes always told me that a redhead with blue eyes is rare and and awesome so because I put the padauk on top it seemed that the blue eye fit.
                        Owner of a nice 21" Excalibur
                        Owner of a Dewalt 788
                        PuffityDragon on AFSP


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                          Diane, very nicely done. You have just started a new category in your scrolling
                          Chuck D

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