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Inkscape & Segmentation Patterns

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  • Inkscape & Segmentation Patterns

    Inkscape is a powerful vector graphics program that is freely available as open source software here. However, it can be rather daunting at first sight.

    Whilst I am by no means an expert, I have been using Inkscape for a little while and thought perhaps scrollers who would like to know more about it might find some guidance notes useful. So I've produced some notes and attached them to this post as a pdf file. Although they focus on a technique to create a segmentation pattern, I suspect that scrollers who cut other styles such as shadow portraits will also find the notes useful.

    Attached Files
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    Nice job Gill, I have been experimenting trying to do this for a little while and low and behold you come up with a tutorial. Very nicely done. This will come in handy.



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      Once again, thanks for your efforts on that Gill - that's very useful.

      One thing I want to know - where's the pic of YOU at the seventies night?

      Scrolling with a Dewalt 788


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        Thanks for that Gill.


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          Nicely done Gill...(I know I'm slow)...That's a great resource!!!!



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            Thank you Gill for that extra mile of effort.

            DeWalt 788

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