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The Bears from Neal's book

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  • The Bears from Neal's book

    I just finished The Bears from Neal Moore's book "Animal Portraits in Wood".

    I would like to thank Neal for his time, not only in writing this book, but also in making time to answer my questions. I would like to thank Fox Publishing for publishing the book and having the open house. That's where I met Neal and in his class he gave me (and others) the confidence to do a project like this.

    This was a great and fun project even tho I broke blades and burned my fingers using the hot glue gun during the assembly process. I think the next time I do one of these it will be the Tiger.

    Well, here it is for your perusal.

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    That is beautiful work. It's stuff like this that keeps me coming back.


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      Those bears are beautiful. You did them justice. Very nice work.
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        Love'em Bill!!! Those are officially known as "Rivari's Bears" as I put them in the book for him before he deployed. Really nice work!!
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          EXCELLENT job Bill!! I really like them.
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            That's a lovely piece of work, Bill. Well done .

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              Nice work on the bear Bill.

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                Very nice bears, Bill. You did a great job.

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                  Great work Bill, couldn't tell for sure but is that segmentation or intarsha? Haven't tried either one yet but this one sure makes me want to.

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                    Nice segmentation work Bill,

                    And a very nice staining job too.
                    What was the final finish?

                    I'm sure the tiger will be fun for you to do also now that you have learned a few tricks in practice.
                    And my question would be: What is the most important thing you consider having learned doing this piece?

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                      What other projects are in your book Neal? I noticed it the other day and I still have a gift certificate I need to use!!



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                        Very nice cutting Bill, and a great pattern Neal.


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                          Janette...there are 16 projects in there, three basic "learning" projects and 13 more complicated pieces such as the Bears. There are a Bison Skull, Eagle, Wild Mustang, Great horned Owl, Giraffe, Wolf, Barn Owl, Jaguar, Bobcat, Tiger, Bears, Antelope, Lion, Lioness, and Cheetah. Several of the patterns would lend themselves well to Inarsia with a little modification. Mind you, I'm not advertising the book.....but I'd sure appreciate you buying it!! LOL!!!
                          If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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                            Great job Bill! I'm curious about the stain also. And was this your first attempt at segmentation?

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                              One word....WOW! Great job on those Bill.
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