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Latest project- Seascape

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  • Latest project- Seascape

    Here's a picture of the latest piece I just finished. It's designed by Bruce Worthington (one of our members here!). I just love the rich colors of the woods.


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    Re: Seascape, Bruce Worthington Design

    Hey Janette: What a beautiful piece of work, what a beautiful design, and what beautiful wood. As they say, here in East Tennessee, "Ya done good, girl." Thanks for sharing this beauty with us.
    Best regards, Walt Rollison.
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      Beautiful work Janette. Question: I am not good at woods. What wood did you use for the water?



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        Janette, it's just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing that with us.

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          Now THAT is a work of art.
          I haven't done intarsia before and I think the selection of woods can easily make or break a pattern. This is an awesome piece thanks for sharing it wih us.

          Great job on the pattern too Bruce!
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            That looks fantastic, Janette. Nice design and great use of the woods - a beautiful piece.
            Could you tell us what woods you used - and how big the piece is?

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              I hope that in an upcoming intarsia project I will be able to deliver somemething even remotely close to this beautiful piece. I want to select one of my many slides of seascapes and landscapes etc etc and generate an intarsia "look alike". I would like the challenge of doing my own thing. I have done a few intarsia from patterns, but have the yen to jump to the next level.

              Again, a true piece of art Janette. You have inspired me.

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                Thanks Guys,

                I use blue pine for the water. The water towards the "front" is a more solid gray and I found a piece that was borderline spalted for the distant sea.

                The other woods are (basically from the bottom up) Walnut, myrtlewood, kiaat. Water is blue pine and aspen, clouds are aspen, lighthouse is maple, red cedar and the light on top is yellowheart.

                It's about 24" wide total.


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                  Beautiful design and great work. It will be a while before i tackle something like this. But thanks for posting. Gives us newbies something to shoot for.



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                    Hi Janette

                    Where do you and Bruce get your talent? I'd like to visit the shop and buy some. Hmmmm.... better take my credit card coz it'll be pricey.

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                      Originally posted by Gill
                      Hi Janette

                      Where do you and Bruce get your talent? I'd like to visit the shop and buy some. Hmmmm.... better take my credit card coz it'll be pricey.

                      LOL Gill !! As I say to people at the shows I do..." We are all good at something...think how boring the world would be if we were all good at the same thing!"

                      ...and we do take credit cards!!


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                        Whoa, Janette, that is a fine piece of work!

                        I just took a very enjoyable look through your website, btw. What would you say is your favorite piece so far?



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                          All I can say is that is BEAUTIFUL WOW.

                          Don't worry be scrolling


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                            I can but onlly echo earlier comments. Just beautiful.

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                              Good job, very nice!

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