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  • My first post

    This is my first posting on this group of my intarsia. This angel is one of my favorites and also my 7th one. I come from the msn group where I've been for the last 5 years. It's always fun to share new pictures and techniques. As you'll find out, I love progress pics as I think they are the best way to really share ideas. I do have a website where I share some of my intarsia. I also have a slide show of this angel there although I used a blue pine background (lots more work!!!).

    I've enjoyed reading the message board and looking at all the great intarsia here.

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    Welcome to a great forum Judy.

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      Welcome to the family Judy. Steve
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        Welcome! I'm sure you'll enjoy it here. The angel is beautiful as is the other work on your web site!

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          Welcome, Judy. Nice work.

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            Welcome aboard Judy
            Bruce F. Worthington

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              Welcome Judy

              I am 100% sure your intarsia will be a fine contribution and inspiration to others.

              Take care


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                Welcome to the forum. Your website offers some fine pieces, and is very easy to navigate. The angel is beautiful. I don't do intarsia, but I downloaded the magnolia pattern, it might inspire me to try.
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                  Very nice work you have there on your site, Judy.

                  Nice website too apart from the Powerpoint slides, which unfortunately don't display properly on Firefox and probably not on any other non-Microsoft browser.

                  Since less than 60% of people use IE 5 6 or 7, (source:
                  That's a fair chunk of your audience that aren't going to get the best from your site.

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                    Thanks for the nice comments and warm welcome. I'm glad some of you were able to see the slide show. I am not all that up to date on what programs are best. When DH has time, maybe we can update it.

                    Most of my site is just for sharing, I don't really advertising selling prices, etc. although I do get contacts once in a while.

                    I have so many patterns but never enough time. It's hard when this art is so addicting!


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                      Welcome Judy..Another addiction thats fun to feed is coming to this forum! we all have more patterns then time, but isnt it great!! Dale
                      Dale w/ yella saws


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                        WELCOME JUDY!

                        Glad you joined. For those of you that haven't met Judy before- she's from the MSN group, is a great contributor and not too shabby at intarsia either!

                        One more thing...she LOVES lots of in progress pictures! (HINT HINT NUDGE NUDGE!) do many of us.



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                          Yes, I'm a nut for prog pics. Cutting, shaping, sideways. I think it's one of the best ways to help share ideas.


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                            Hey Judy. Lovely job on the angel. I did the same one about a year ago (I can't recall the author of the pattern book at the moment) and used colored paints for the differnt pieces.

                            It was a very satisfying project to finish. Yours looks simply wonderful!

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                              Thanks Kerry. This was originally a segmentation pattern by Patrick Spielman. I've seen it done many different ways and they are all beautiful. This is the first time I've done a lot more angled shaping on the robe. It's fun to try different things on the same pattern.


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