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  • Flex sander review

    Well, I have the same soft drum that neal spoke of in a different post, and it worked fine for me along with my $99 OSS (oscillating spindle sander). You do have to be careful as to not get the soft pad inside the seyco sanding sleeve hot, because that could be a mess. I also somewhere have a sanding mop I purchased a couple years ago, but for the life of me I cant figure out where I am storing it yet.
    Santa Claus read my thread on here about wanting an inflatable drum sander for Christmas, and luckily I was a pretty good boy last year I guess ,because I got one. So heres my officially unofficial review of that tool.
    Its the Grizzly G0518 drum/flapwheel sander. Its built heavy, definatly a sturdy machine. It has all the power anyone would ever need for intarsia. It was super easy to assemble, even though it came in three boxes.Like I said, it has plenty of power, 1hp, and turns at 1750 RPM. I would prefer it to turn a little bit slower, but the speed hasnt posed any problem yet. The flap wheel is mounted on the right side, and I have barely broke that in yet, but it works good. I do have issues though with sanding small pieces, as my thumbnail now is probably half its original thickness from the sandpaper fingers touching it, but thats a user problem, not manufacturers problem.On the left side is the inflatable drum. I like it, but do wish it was a little smaller in diameter. Its 4 inch dia. It sure can hog off wood and shape in a hurry, which is what is needed. Dust collection will always be a problem on anything that turns and sands, but I am thinking of a way to build some sort of schroud that mounted under the drum a little more to catch more of the dust ,but then again, I have never been called a neat freak either. For anyone really into intarsia, I think this machine would be a welcome tool to have, but I do think the grizzly smaller machine, the G8749 would be just as handy, possibly more handy because of the smaller diameter inflatable drum,but without dust collection hookups and a base,the reasons santa delivered the big one. Dale
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    Dale w/ yella saws

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