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Canadian Geese - Moonflight (Completed)

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  • Canadian Geese - Moonflight (Completed)

    I finally completed my major intarsia project! I wanted a challenge to improve my limited intarsia experience (I feel I have improved) and employ many of the tips that I have learned from many of your posts here.

    It consists of 107 pieces. I used various shades of WRC, walnut, pau amarello, white poplar and pine. All wood color is natural. Nothing is stained. Two of the birds are raised above the moon 1" and 3/4" with 3/8" dowels. Woodburning was used to simulate the feathers at the wing tips. The backer for each of the 3 birds was made from 1/8" BB. The entire assembly (moon and forward bird) was set into 1/4" BB about 32" x 30". This board was covered with pollyfilla and "artistically" shaped to form a background and painted matte black. I also routed and assembled the frame. I guess one could say the whole project was made from scratch. It hangs in my deep rose colored family room. Comments from family and friends have made it all worth while.

    Now on to my next intarsia project. This will be done in parallel with kitchen renovations under directions (and assistance) from my wife. I like intarsia better as I can be my own boss!

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    It looks spectacular - well done!

    I reckon that even the duck-fanciers here will approve of it .

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      Very well done. You must be very satisfied to see the project completed. What's next on your list? More birds, or was this enough of the feathers for awhile?

      Take care


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        Great job! Very nicely done project.

        What! There's no coffee?!!


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          Excellent work! I'm sure you're very proud. Only 107 pieces!? I think you're ready for one of Bruce's now!! The bird feeder I'm working on is around 365 pieces- many of which are TINY...what the heck was I thinking???


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            I think it looks great. It does seem to me rather large for 107 pieces, but I'm sure that's just a matter of taste. I prefer to try and fit as many pieces as possible into the smallest possible space. I used to think bigger is better, but now I think smaller is more impressive.
            The black background really works well, and I like the frame. I always think if you go through all the work of a unique picture, you need a unique frame too. I also like the idea of jacking up the birds on doweling. I look forward to seeing your future projects, well done !!!
            Jeff Powell


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              awesome! you did an excellent job with what appears to be a complex pattern..well done!

              Sue Chrestensen


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                That looks really good, Bob. Excellent work.

                Scrolling with a Dewalt 788


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                  Excellent work
                  "Everything Happens for a Reason"
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                    now that is one I would like to do !!!


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                      Absolutely lovely work.
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