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    I was in Michael's today and saw some prints in the frame area that seemed almost tailor made for an intaria project. One had Pinocchio with Jimmy Cricket in the corner w/ umbrella opened. There was one of Mickey Mouse with an American Flag in the background. Another of Bambi as well as several others. Print size was about 10x12. The layout of the lines just begged to be made into wood.
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    Hi Mike,
    Nothing wrong with using poster prints for patterns! Micheal's and store's like Hobby Lobby offer many print's and Intarsia idea's! Year's ago, I started looking at and using some of the Coloring Books on the market too! I draw most of my own patterns now, but still look at poster rack dislays at Wal-Mart and Wahlgen Drug stores for idea's!

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      watch yourselves fellas. I've been forewarned about making disney stuff, if you plan on making it for a gift for someone, thats probally ok, but Disney and harley davidson are two big ones on the copy writing loop holes.

      Just thought id say something (you probally already know this info.) very good idea mike, btw.

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        Originally posted by MikeDingas
        IThe layout of the lines just begged to be made into wood.
        LOLRH, oh Mike don't you just feel compelled make it out of wood? It is simply amazing what is out there to inspire our craft.

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          I wasn't just referring to Disney. There's a whole lot of photo's and pic's out there to open the pattern door to Intarsia! I do respect copyright laws, but thanks for the warnng to the unknowing!

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            A person who cuts intarsia finds potential patterns in every picture. I have about ten calenders with pictures that will become intarsia. They are for myself and I can't sell then but it sure is fun
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