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Celtic Moon - Segmentation and Fretwork

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  • Celtic Moon - Segmentation and Fretwork

    I've mentioned this project in some other posts, and here it is... our Celtic Moon. This design is definately not for beginners. If someone new to scrolling wants to try it and prove me wrong - go for it! However, it does require you to concentrate on the design when cutting.

    After a couple attempts between Sue Chrestensen and I, we finally got it cut, shaped, coloured and assembled. I enjoyed this project because it had more than the one style involved in creating it. I'd like to see more of projects where two or more styles of scrolling are used.

    Comments welcome.

    Take care
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    That's a very nice design, Toni. I like the mixture of segmentation and fretwork - maybe at some point it will inspire me to do more than fretwork ...

    Scrolling with a Dewalt 788


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      Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I think this would be the perfect topic for your London seminar, the use of both techniques in one project. It would definitely be a seminar I would be interested in.


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        Beautiful and yes it does look beyond the beginner stage.
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        Owner of a Dewalt 788
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          Your designs are outta sight! Do you have some art degree or other training?

          Craftsman 16" VS, Puros Indios and Sam Adams!
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            Toni-- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!!! Send me the pattern-- I have to do that one.
            It is geourgus --gorgus -- oh heck beautiful


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              Thanks Mike.

              LOL, no no art degree, no training. Sue has never taken an art class in her life, and I did in highschool and got thrown out because of a teacher that insisted art was as he seen it. Something I couldn't accept and said so. Giggle. I was mouthy back then.... giggle.

              I always loved to draw and find my best creations come from elsewhere, they amaze me how they evolve sometimes. We could never afford any instruction in art, so the most my mother was able to do was blank paper and pencils. I learned to draw horses from my passion with them, and the mines and landscapes that were abundant in my childhood. I took architecture in school and worked in that field for some time, where my drawings became very linear. It has been a challenge to return to free hand drawing for many reasons.

              I love what I am able to do now, and my heart belongs in art. I only wish I could make it my life.

              Thank you for your kind comments on our work, it is very much appreciated.

              Take care


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                Thank you for the link to your post Toni! It was enough to get me off my stool in the basement and get in here, join as a member and make a post. I value your friendship a LOT ... and the quality of your work? ... goes without mention. One look at this project and you can see why I'm proud to ride your coat tails!! LOL
                Shoot for the moon. If you miss you'll be headed for a star!


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                  Toni, ya got a real winner with that design!! Please give us some more Celtic designs of this type.

                  DeWalt 788

                  aut viam inveniam aut faciam

                  God gives us only what we can handle.. Apparently God thinks I am one tough cookie.....


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                    More you say Bill... LOL... well what would you like to see.... I have crosses and ribbions, animals/birds/fish and masks..... and some ah.... well interesting twists. Unfortunately, until Ricki is able to spend more time doing them on corel... I can only do so many. After I get some work cleared off my desk ... I'll see what I can find in our Celtic folders.

                    Sue Chrestensen is convinced that we need to have a group of scrollers near by to cut this stuff... giggle.

                    Take care


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                      AS i have often said your work amazes me!!! Another fine example!! Does this pattern come in a fretwork design also, Toni? Would like to attempt it. Keep up the fine work Ladies!!!


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                        Your artistic talent never ceases to amaze me. Just beautifully incredible.
                        "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." Walt Disney


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                          thank you one and all for all of the supportive and kind words..gotta admit, this is one of my favorites LOL
                          again, know that your comments keep me motivated to be both in the shop and at the drawing board!!

                          Sue Chrestensen


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                            This is a wounderful design! Please do more Celtic style of work. Is the design going to be available for people to make?



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                              It is...

                              Thank you Driften for your interest in the Celtic Moon. She is available to scrollers, I've PM'd you with the details.

                              Your support is greatly appreciated.
                              Take care


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