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So how many Intarsia Folks are here!

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  • So how many Intarsia Folks are here!

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm curious to know how many of you out there do intarsia. Being new to the group, I'd like to meet you guys & gals.

    Over the last couple of days, I've managed to navigate around the site and get some of my pictures posted in the member galleries area. Now I can concentrate on having a look around and see your work.

    Look forward to meeting and chatting with you all. I have a couple of shows coming up soon, so I may not get here as often as I want to, but I'll try to check in at least once a day.

    And thank you Bob for creating this section!

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    hi! Janette, i'm pretty new to all this, but intarsia has really caught my imagination and i hope to have a go real soon, i've gotten loads of inspiration by looking at everyone's work, it's awesome in my opinion.


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      I be one..

      who does Intarsia.
      yesterday I was checking out your work and made a few comments on a couple of your pieces..
      there's that one grey cat that you did and I would like to know what you used to get the grey look to the wood.

      I look forward to what ever help you can give us...

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        Don't know if the intarsia purists would call what I do intarsia. I pretty much cheat on the cutting aspect and do it all from one piece of wood and then stain or paint the segments after shaping and rounding. I guess it's because I have so much poplar in the shop...or maybe I'm just lazy!!! I do love the art form regardless of the approach and have found that I enjoy it as much as segmentation. I sort of "burned out" on segmentation while doing the book and am just now getting back in the mood to design some new patterns. I think my next patterns will be done with an eye towards "either/or" segmentation/intarsia. In any event, I'm happy to see this section on the board and even happier to welcome you intarsia artisans to our family of scrollers!!! (Is artisan the right word Gill??)
        If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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          I'm new to all this so have not yet done intarsia but eventually I will. Would love to go to a few shows and see someone else do some cutting and sanding and whatever. Never seen anyone use a saw so I'm on my own for this.
          This forum though is the best and has helped me already a lot. There is a large amount of talent around here.
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            Jan- you and I met last night -lol-- but I am fairly new to intarsia- I think I have about 7 under my belt now - some are posted in this section -well my first ones are --but I have done others since. I do love intarsia as I am burnt out on fretwork.. the responses I get are how much will you charge me to make when folks come in my shop now instead of ohh how nice.. you are so talented. so I guess I am doing something right .. my very first piece was of Sue's back back ( pictured here somewhere ) and soon after I was challenged with something my son pulled up --it was cool that one has even been posted as a piece in one of his customers web page ( he does tattos)= Most of my work is special order from his customers and so far this has kept me in constant demand. the cat will be sold before it is finished I am sure .
            I am glad we have this section here now since this is where I do all my posting and reading.
            PS -- I only started doing this in december or was it november
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              Since you asked the question please add me to the list. I started scrolling in Nov 2005 and took an immediate liking to doing intarsia. I like the challenge of cutting, fitting and shaping the various woods. I have a few pics in my gallery and working on two more now. The colors of all my projects to date are from the natural color of the wood. I do not paint them. The beauty of wood is appreciated. This is strickly a hobby for me. My nect project may be from a pattern or I may do my own design from a favorite photo.

              I Love your work. It is nice we have a dedicated Intarsia and Segmentation section now so we can share common ideas etc.
              Scrolling satisfies the passion for intricate creativity. My saw is an Excalibur EX21.


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                I am one of them and loving it...
                My website:
                That stuff on the floor....did my head just lost it??


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                  Hi Janette,
                  I'm here too, but I'm sure you already knew that
                  What! There's no coffee?!!


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                    Hello Janette, I also am hanging out and Checking out the great job Bob has done here.


                    Excalibur Ex-30



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                      Hooked on intarsia

                      Hi Janette,
                      I have communicated with you on both of the MSN Intarsia sites and seen your wonderful work here and there, and I just wanted to put my two cents worth in for Intarsia.

                      I have been doing Intarsia for 1 year and 9 months and have done about thirty projects from easy Teddy Bears to not so easy projects like New Shoes.

                      I have been lucky enough to attend the Intermediate class put on by Judy Gale Roberts and Jerry where I was able to learn a lot first hand from the very best.

                      I finally got my Excalibur 21" scroll saw about two months ago and it is fantastic.

                      Go Intarsiasts,



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                        The gray cat is my latest design. I used blue pine for him and it is all natural believe it or not! It can be hard to find and sometimes I get lucky here. If I can find a big haul, I'm hoping to be able to offer it to other intarsia folks as well.


                        Originally posted by Trout
                        who does Intarsia.
                        yesterday I was checking out your work and made a few comments on a couple of your pieces..
                        there's that one grey cat that you did and I would like to know what you used to get the grey look to the wood.

                        I look forward to what ever help you can give us...



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                          I have yet to try doing intarsia, but I know I will take that leap at some point in this scrollsaw journey. And I for one am grateful in knowing that I will have so many talented friends to call on when I do!

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                            I'm newbish, but an intarsia nut already Like Neal I often cut stuff from one piece of wood and stain it, mostly due to poverty and wood shortages, hehe.


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                              Glad there are so many folks new to intarsia!

                              You don't have to have fancy expensive exotic woods to use natural colors. Cedar comes in many shades, as does many domestic hardwoods like walnut and oak. I get my poplar from home depot and it has green, white, sometimes purple in it. I use it for all my frogs. If you have any cabinet shops in your area, pay them a visit and ask if they have any scraps they're tossing. I KNOW there are intarsia folks who dumpster dive behind wood shops! (I haven't had to do that ....yet - but I would if I needed to!)

                              For all you new folks- intarsia is addictive! Be forewarned. But it is also extremely rewarding.


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