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  • Mallards in Flight

    here's the ducks that I've been working on the last couple days...

    they look pretty cool with the black background


    The ducks are 3/4 cherry with a couple accent pieces of basswood and walnut..
    I fumed the cherry with ammonia to get the different shades...

    here I am hard at work with poor neglected Fred...

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    Beautiful Trout. I agree with the black background - awesome.
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      wonderful stuff, i too like the black background better, but both are excellent.


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        Looks great. Luv the ducks.

        Give ol' Fred a pat on the head for me. He's adorable too.
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          Very nice, Trout. You've made a great job of those. Nice dog too ...

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            Look!!! Real ducks! Hehehehe.

            Nice job on those Trout.
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              Looks like your digging something out of that can of finish...hope it's not your hair or bob's missing go-tee !

              Great job on the ducks, they look super. Who designed them?
              Jeff Powell


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                Trout, I was never really interested in intarsia until I joined this group!! Between you and Jeff, my curiosity/interest has really grown!! The ducks are awesome and you make it look sooo easy. Maybe just one more little push and I will be over my fear and give it a try!!

                By the way, I agree with Kelly, Fred is adorable!!!

                Cathy in NE
                Cathy in NE

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                  Love both the ducks and Fred. Very nice work.
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                    Trout, nice Friend you got there. Fred obviously likes to get his picture taken, beautiful dog. Oh! and the mallards are pretty cool too.
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                      I have to say it looks better in person.....and the pattern is a Judy Roberts..

                      I wanted to be all done with it before I started bragging but yesterday turn out to be a very busy day. It all started off with the traveling tool show that came to town. I put the $50 that my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas to good use.
                      Even though I've been on holiday all week, I'm still on call for the security alarm calls..things had been pretty quite until yesterday. I was sent out to 5 different school sites, boarded up 3 broken windows, made out 2 police reports and all this was happening while I was waiting for my wife to get home with my 1/4 BB plywood that she picked up during her lunch hour..

                      another reason I bragged early is because today I need to go to a funeral and then get ready for an all night fishing trip..4 of us are going sturgeon fishing out on the delta in one of the guys new boat, we must be crazy because there saying it's going to get down to 20 digress tonight...

                      hopefully Sunday I can give a finished report on the ducks and stories of big fish being caught...

                      here the stuff I got from the tool show..

                      $3 for 50 sheets of assorted sandpaper..
                      $9 for the knive set..
                      $6 for the small sanding stuff..
                      $8 for the big sanding sleaves..
                      and $14 for a new winch for the boat trailer..

                      thanks again for all your nice words of encouragement..
                      Hawk G-4 Jetcraft
                      Fish are food, not friends!


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                        i knew i was missing out on a lot of great looking stuff by not visiting more often, you just proved my

                        black background gets my vote as well
                        Pete Ripaldi

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                          Wow..absoluting amazing. This is why I want to do scroll sawing. How did you manage to get that circle so round? By the way, I love both the light and dark backgrounds!


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                            Very nice job Trout. Your working in sox!! My wife would kill me. I would be tracking sawdust all over the house. Then again, NO ONES shop is as clean as yours.

                            -Just do'in the best I can every day


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                              Nice ducks...nice haul from the tool show, too. Who's the lucky recipient of the ducks?

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