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  • Update on the Jaguar

    Hello Folks

    Love reading about everyone's project. I thought that it would be a good time to do a progress report on my ongoing project which has been on and off for over 8 months now. I am building my own version of Kathy Wise' Jaguar on a branch. Her pattern is really good but only covers the actual jaguar and the branch. The rest is left to your imagination.

    Here are some pictures:

    1- The custom frame along with the branch and the back legs
    2- The body completed along with some of the experimental foliage
    3- A close-up of the frog sitting on a branch looking at the jaguar
    4- A dry fit of the face under construction

    This project is far from over. I plan to add a LOT of vegetation details around the jaguar along with some interesting animals much like what Kathy did.

    I will keep you all posted on the progress.

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    It is so cool to see the many steps you have demonstrated in the series of photos. I swear I can hear that big kitty purring. Please keep up with the updates, I look forward to seeing the finished project. Thanks for sharing.
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      Please do continue with the updates. Nice that you added the frog.
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        You are doing a fantastic job. Love the in progress pictures. Looking forward to more.


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          It's a masterpiece, Alain! Beautiful work indeed! Putting this piece in a frame works very, very well.



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            Wowza that project is going to be hit out of the ballpark for sure......thanks for taking us along for the ride. Eager to see more.
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              Amazing detail and great shaping and fitting. The cat, itself, is wonderful. If you add other animals in detail, the it goes from great to masterpiece class.

              Marvelous work.

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                lookin good ,are the spots on the cat painted on ?this will keep you goin for awile. ive seen the cat done on an australian woodworking magazine .took the fella that did it 18 months


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                  This intarsia is coming along very well. I thought Kathy Wise's Leopard is a fantastic intarsia technically, but I also felt that from a graphic viewpoint it might have had more impact with somewhat less detail. Sometimes less is more. This is strictly my personal opinion and in no way diminishes my respect and admiration of Kathy's artistry and work.



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                    You are doing a fantastic job. The little frog is a real cutie. Waiting on more pictures.


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                      Interesting question about the spots. First of all, they are not painted on. The shape of the spot is first cut from the dark wood (wenge), then traced on the lighter wood (iroko), then fitted. The gaps (if any) are filled with dark wood sawdust mixed with glue.

                      There are over 600 spots in this pattern so it is a slow process which can sometime be frustrating. I am now involved with the face which contains over 100 very small spots so progress is slow.

                      I agree with the comments about the original Kathy Wise pattern. I intend to concentrate the details on the surrounding foliage and a couple of animals and birds.

                      I am looking forward to completing this piece but, at the same time, I find it hard to leave it alone and will probably miss it when it is done.

                      Here are a couple more pictures showing the details of the spots.

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                        That is going to be another masterpiece Dick! Fantastic detail. The cat looks like it is alive. Thanks for sharing.
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                          WOW. The spots being done individually is amazing. To be a fly in your shop to see you working is my dream.

                          I truly love intarsia and have done one piece....but I truly wish I had the patience to do more.
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                            The Jaguar is finally finished

                            With a little perseverance, you can accomplish anything. The jaguar face was the most challenging piece and it is now complete and attached to the rest of the body.

                            I took some pictures of the completed piece along with a shot of the >600 spots that I kept as a souvenir.

                            Next step, foliages, a snake, and some parrots.

                            Stay tuned

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                              Simply magnificent!! The pile of scraps really puts this project in perspective.
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