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  • Inlay redone as Overlay

    I am searching for a way to make more supplemental income than I do with just puzzles. My first lesson learned from puzzles was to find a highier price point item. To do that, I did some local research of what is selling at local shows, online and actual retail gift stores. Keeping in line with the equipment I have and my talents, the idea of boxes came up.

    So, here are pictures of my first attempts which are more prototype than commercial. The pictures were taken to protect the wood worker. The point is to show how to take scroll work and combine it with some other wood working to create another product. Part of my idea started with Jim Finn and his double bevel inlay boxes. The rose inlay is a double bevel, but others are a twist on the idea. The butterfly is stack cutting different woods and then overlaying it rather than inlaying it. The overlay rose started life as double bevel, but ended up as an overlay.

    Just thowing some ideas out there.

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    EX-16, DW-788, Dremel 1680

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    Steve, those are very nice. I really like the butterfly.


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      I like the look of the butterfly where the interior pieces are smoothed down so they leave room at the corners. It almost looks like you found river rocks and cut the wing to fit around them. Very cool.



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        Nice adaptation to your skills. The butterfly is really nicely done and looks like it uses scraps that normally would be in the burn pile.

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          Nice ideas, well done. What is the green wood in the butterfly? Lignum Vitae?
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            Rolf - your eye picked it right, Lignum.

            Other butterfly colors are Paduak, Bloodwood and Brazilian Cherry. Bloodwood was from a friend, but others were from "sale" turner blocks at Woodcraft.

            The rose head is Poplar sapwood.

            EX-16, DW-788, Dremel 1680


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              I'll tell you Steve...Your inlays look great...!!!!
              Nice stuff...!!!
              Keep makin' dust...

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                Nicely done. Now take it a step further and use different framing joinery complimenting your traditional miter joints. Half lap, butt joints etc. You will have a hit on your hands.
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                  Good job on those boxes. I continually look for different ways to decorate boxes also. I have combined my carving skills with inlay and /or overlays. I have also just made a cedar box with a plywood lid that has a border of cedar and an image carved into the ply. I like it but it has not sold yet.
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                    Those look pretty cool. I loved the idea of possible using river stones for the colors in the butterfly as suggested by Rob.

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