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  • My Draft Horse...

    here is my version of Judy Robert's Draft Horse..
    I started the project September 18 and I just finished it up today October 14..

    I'm pretty please with the way it turned out...
    It's cut of 3/4 cherry, walnut and basswood..
    The new technique that I tried on this project was fuming wood with ammonia...

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    Wow Trout that is very nice.
    Are you giving that to some lucky person or selling it?

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      Trout, that is truly an excellent piece of craftsmanship. Great Job. Steve
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        very nice Trout, a horse lovers dream, Trout you never cease to amaze me your work is excellent
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          Originally posted by Trout
          The new technique that I tried on this project was fuming wood with ammonia...
          Hi Trout, that is one beautiful project. Can you tell us what parts you fumed? I especially like the way you oriented the wood grain through the mane, it looks like the sun is shinning on it. After it is all cut out and finished, do you glue it back on a backer board cut to the exact shape?
          Thanks for sharing


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            VERY nice!

            Sue and both looked over this photo with awe Trout... very nicely done. In fact that gave us an idea. Please check your PM.

            Take care


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              Ah Trout your PM are all full.....

              email me.


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                VERY nice work Trout! I love the choice of woods you used. Perfect for this piece.
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                  I love this board....

                  if it wasn't for you guys and gals my horse head would probably still be setting on the work bench...

                  This is one of those projects where I started shaping pieces before I got the whole thing cut out which put me in a "I don't get it" mode..
                  I spent a good week and a half trying to figure out my next step..Once I got all the pieces cut out it all fell into place...

                  Yes, it's suppose to be a gift, but with all the work I put into it I'm having second thoughts..
                  you think my brother and sister in law who have a horse ranch in Montana would like a wine bottle holder instead?

                  as for the fuming...there are 5 pieces that I fumed.
                  the first piece is in the middle of the nostril which darkened the most because I fumed it over night.
                  the other 4 pieces are the inter ear, the bottom of the cheek and 2 on the neck. these didn't darken as much because they were only fumed for a few hours...I was on a 12 hour roll to get this project done...

                  as for a backer board...

                  I don't use one...all my pieces are glue together piece by piece with 30 and 5 minute set epoxy....when done I'll coat the whole back of the piece with epoxy filling in any gaps.
                  "knock on wood" I haven't had a piece break apart yet....

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                    Very nicely done!

                    -Just do'in the best I can every day


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                      WOW! You sir , are without a doubt a master at wood , grain selection and techique
                      Most impressive !
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                        your a busy guy tonight...

                        Originally posted by Sawduster
                        WOW! You sir , are without a doubt a master at wood , grain selection and techique
                        Most impressive !
                        I'm not even close to being any kind of master....

                        It didn't go over too good when I told Mrs.Trout that I was going to keep this piece. The other day when she was showing the horse to her mom I over heard her say that this was going to make it up to her sisters one way or another..
                        I wonder what she has in mind...

                        Thanks for the compliment....
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                        Fish are food, not friends!


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