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  • Skin Color ??

    What does everyone one use for skin tones, I found one type I thought was close call Jelutong (sp.) ? Any other suggestions. Also I need either a Red ( Fire engine red ) I'm thinking Bloodwood or Pink Ivory. ( only seen pictures online ) Or I use black instead and I'm thinking Black Ebony. Hope for some input, Thanks Wildcat
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    Basswood is excellent for caucasian skin tones. Some shades of western red cedar are excellent for black and brown tones.

    Red can be redheart, padauk or bloodwood depending on the shade of red needed. Redheart will come closer to fire engine red, I think. I also use aromatic cedar for red.
    Black is a bit more difficult. Ebony is expensive. Many of us ebonize woods like mahogany or walnut that are high in tannin levels which allows them to turn black when dipped in a vinegar and steel wool solution. Check out the thread currently active on ebonizing. There's a lot of information there.

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      I almost always choose sap maple for a light skin colour. I would choose bloodwood and not pink ivory for a red wood. Pink ivory turns brownish with time. Bloodwood retains is bright red colour. Padauk also darkens a good deal. Wenge could be used for black or nogal is a very, very dark brown. Ebony is very pricey, so you could try the ebonizing method. I have not tried that myself but have seen others get good results.



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        I like using apple wood or pear wood for flesh tones, bloodwood for red and gabon ebony for black.
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          For light skin tones, I use poplar or Basswood.
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            hi wildcat i use beech


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              I usualy use various shades of alder for skin - it's not real white, but varying shades of beige or cream.


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                Usually basswood for skin tones here too...

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                  I like hard maple or sycamore. Santa is Hard Maple and Charlies angel is Sycamore
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