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Fruity magnets for retirement gift

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  • Fruity magnets for retirement gift

    One more thing to post today. We are having a retirement party for a lady in our office tomorrow. She has commented several times on my fruity magnets so I made a set for her. And I made the whole set this time!! The grapes were not easy!! Pattern from our Henriette made about 1/2 the original size.


    Grapes: purple heart and poplar
    Pear: tigrillo, poplar and peruvian walnut
    Apple: redheart, poplar and peruvian walnut
    Banana: yellowheart and peruvian walnut

    It was a productive couple of weeks for me!! Thanks for looking!
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    Cathy in NE

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    Too quote a Guinness commercial, "BRILLIANT".
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      You've been one busy lady.......fruit salad looking good.
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        They look great ! Are the plans for the fruit online someplace? Thanks!
        Rich the new guy
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          Love the colors, Cathy. It's a lovely and thoughtful gift. Come to think of it, I retired a few years ago . . .

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            The plans for the fruit magnets are available from Henriette Corbeil. She has a website that she uses for selling patterns and finished intarsia pieces.



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              Very nicely done. The selection of wood is great.
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                Looks real tasty! Great job Cathy!
                Dale w/ yella saws


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                      They are beautiful. She is a lucky lady!
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