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  • Peace On Earth Candles

    FINALLY got this piece finished and it's for ME! This one is NOT leaving the house! I've made this piece several times, but this time used different woods .... bloodwood and cherry candles, sumac and poplar leaves, shedoah (sp?) needles. Flame is pine and cedar, plaque is nogal and letters are maple. Baltic birch ply is the flame's glow.

    This is a JGR pattern (not in a book but purchased separately). It's the first pattern I ever bought, is still my favourite, and I suspect it always will be.

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    It is well done and kudos on making something for you. It is not very often we make something to keep.
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      Another nice one, Lou.


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        Very nice! I don't think I've seen that pattern before.


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          Well done from the other end of the country .


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            Great job! Love the selection of wood.
            Dan H

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              Wood choices are great as well as the look ..........
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                Beautiful is the first word that comes to mind...

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                  Nice colors Lou! Nice to see you making one to keep. I always say I can make another one and never do (to keep that is)


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