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Cowboy Boot with Wildflowers

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  • Cowboy Boot with Wildflowers

    JGR's Cowboy Boot with Wildflowers

    11 different woods:
    Padauk, Walnut, Curly Maple, Yellow-heart, Purple-heart, Bubinga, Mahogany, Aspen, Poplar, Aromatic Cedar, and WRC for the background.

    Wood burned the barbwire (first for me)
    Freehand cut the border with my band saw and then routed a 1/2 cove to inlay the rope into.

    I cheated a little by doing a couple of different things, The two brown eyed susan's are the same cut I used a 4/4 thickness and then just cut the pieces in half then flipped one over, I could do that because of my other cheat.... instead of inlaying the pieces into the background I just glued them on top.

    Thanks for looking!
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    Life's funny if you laugh at it!

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    Very nice, Jerry! I think I'm going to steal your technique.



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      Beautiful job Jerry!

      Karl in Sunny Southwest Florida


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        That is really really very pretty!
        I love it!
        I want to try some projects similar to that.


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          excellent work there jerry ,whats the whiteish wood on the boot and i assume thats real rope ?o and what finish
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            well done Jerry
            Bruce F. Worthington

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              Very nice workmanship!!
              DeWalt 788


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                Originally posted by gippslander View Post
                excellent work there jerry ,whats the whiteish wood on the boot and i assume thats real rope ?o and what finish
                The wood is curly maple and I used Old Masters gel finish, I really like using it I bought it a little reluctantly as it is kinda high but I found out a little goes a long way so I am very happy with the application ease and appearance and will continue to use it.
                Life's funny if you laugh at it!



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                  I love the background for that with the rope trim - Totally Country!

                  Great job shaping those flowers - they look like you picked them from the garden.

                  The good woodworker does not craft the wood for honor. He uses his craft to honor the wood.


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                    Oh, WOW, that is a fabulous piece! Love everything about it!
                    Way to go, Jerry.

                    Nancy in AZ
                    A clean house is a sign of a broken scroll saw!


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                      That is a beautiful piece. The shaping, wood selection and finish are very very nicely done.
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                        Sweeeeeet to the max on that one dedijerry. I like everything about it.
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                          Hey Dead-eye,I love it.


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