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no clue where to post so here ya go....

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  • no clue where to post so here ya go....

    couldnt figure out where to stick this so i figured i'd just post it up here, my goof off project for the day, a friend of mines brother who died totally loved the Ravens, and my friends been after me forever to do something raven themed, so i did this , and have the name of his brother in a small plaque thing to go under it, what do you call projects like these ? its not fretwork, or intarsia , i guess its just a wood thingy LOL

    I moved your thread to a more appropriate forum to maximize traffic and get you more responses to your post.
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    I'd call it a big hit, very nice work Cathie.


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      Very nice. She will love it.
      DeWalt 788


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        I think I'd call it segmentation. But I like wood thingie better......perhaps that should be a new forum name.
        Shawn Ferguson

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          That's some sharp cuttin' there kid...!!
          Very nice thing to do as well....

          And yup, that's called segmentation.....or a wood thingie... But beautiful at any rate....!!!

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            Also, just the record.... Cathie, did you know that if you can cut like that, then you can do inlay. The diciplines needed to make those sharp turns is just what you need.
            I'd say jump in the challenge. It might be a game changer for you....

            The limits of the imagination are imaginary.
            No task is too tedious for Art.
            Rock and Scroll

            My Gallery

            My Website
            Featherwood Woodcrafts


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              I know what ya mean Cathie, I create a lot of wood thingies too - lol! You did a great job on it...she will luv it for sure! Did you use pine or mdf? Did you actually cut individual pieces or did you detail with dremel (rotary tool)? I tried doing some detail on pine and found the grain to be a that's why I just stick to MDF as it details, sands and paints so nice.

              BTW - your painting and finishing skills have come a long have that down to a science/art these days. Keep up the great projects and thanx for sharing!
              ~ Kim

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                couldnt figure out where to stick this
                Hey Cathie - do you really want an answer to your question! !

                Well of course I'm kidding and to help you decide take a look at

                I suspect your piece is segmentation but check out the post and tell us.

                Whatever the classification its a nice looking piece and will sure to be treasured by the family.
                Jim in Mexico

                Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
                - Albert Einstein


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                  Thanks everyone I am hoping to give it away today and hope it goes over well

                  Jim i have always wanted to try inlay but shyed away from it. i looked through the tutorial last night, now, once i have it figured out where i can change my table degree and get it put back easily i think i just might do that , i have insane troubles making sure my table is square and dread if i changed it lol

                  Kim, I cut this out of pine, each section is its own piece, i do this to make my painting easier . I have done some detail work with the dremel for projects to and have the same dislike for pine when i do. Mdf is something i have wanted to give a whirl as well but havent gotten around to yet

                  Jim-mex ROFl thanks for the laugh this morning lol Im guessing it would be segementation to now, somehow i have over looked this part of the forum since i have been here, hows that happen ? LOL


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                    Cathie, glad you came to our little world of intarsia, segmentation and inlay. Before intarsia I made a few segmentation pieces. But my cutting wasn't near as good as yours. You have done a beautiful job. And come back with more things to show.


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