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Aussie Boozing Kangaroo Intarsia

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  • Aussie Boozing Kangaroo Intarsia

    This is the first Intarsia I have done. The orginal pattern comes from the Intarsia Down Under Book published by Steve Bundred of Byfield, ( near Rockhampton ), Queensland, Australia. Being artistically-minded myself I have added some additional Beer Bottles, along with the heading, in typical Aussie, " G'day mate, ' ave a drink. " The timber, ( lumber in your country ) is recycled oregon, ( Spruce, I think you call it ), with recycled Red Pine for the beer bottle, and plain pine for the deck chair. The drinking glass, & the two bottles behind the rear chair leg are made from recycled New Zealand Kauri, while the baseboard is standard 6mm, ( 1/4" ), pine plywood. Wording is painted on using standard Artist's Acrylic Black, & an Artist's brush.
    I have since improved this Boozing Kanga Intarsia by adding some more beer bottles at the front, also made the heading a bit more personalized, by adding the name of the Australian Town the Kanga is being sold from, ( yes,- I do have permission from Steve Bundred to make these for sale ). Have sold five of these Boozing Kangaroos in the last six weeks, with more orders coming in.
    Later on, ( when I have some spare time ), am planning to have a go at my own intarsia Australiana designs, as there's heaps of potential subjects here to select from.

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    Now that is just to cute.

    Great job on the add-ins.



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      Nicely done. I was wondering where you had disappeared too, now I know, your shop making sawdust.
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        Good job. Those are real dandies.
        Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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          That is sooo cool, Roger. Nice job. You're on the way up, or down, depending on whether you drink the beer or not, HA


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            Got a family of dolphins too to make when I get round to it !!

            Thanks for the friendly comments everyone. Got several families, ( pods,- correct name I think ), of Dolphin Intarsias to make as well, also by Steve Bundred, when I get, " round-to-it, " Besides the Intarsia work, am also the local Wooden Toy-maker, & designer, plus also get the occasional BIGGER jobs too, such as contructing home bars, custom made House Name Boards, restoring old, or, ( occasionally ), antique furniture, plus fixing up other people's mistakes & disasters,- ( " It looked real easy on the tellie program we were watching!! " ), which I think explains why you don't often hear from me for some weeks.
            Here in my region of South Australia I currently supply hand-crafted wood crafts to three shops, plus have an Adelaide friend who sells my woodcrafts at three Adelaide weekend craft markets, which reminds me, have some new pics to add to the Wooden Toys section, before I forget !!


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              Very, very cute.
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                That is sooo cute
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