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Which inflatable drum sander to buy?

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  • Which inflatable drum sander to buy?

    I'm wanting to buy an inflatable drum sander for my intarsia projects. I'm torn between the guinever system and a larger one I found on

    I like the guinever system for the flexible shaft adaptor, but I like the larger drums on the other. Any thoughts?

    P.S. I tried the Seyco flex drum sander and I don't care for it, so I don't mind spending the money for something I will like.

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    If you can't get on the website through the link on my post, go to Wholesale Tool | Industrial Machinery + Tool Supply and search inflatable drum sander.


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      I would like to add my own query to the thread started by Nicholas. It is difficult enough to search for Pneumatic sanders without getting hits for air-driven handheld powertools...

      I am looking for a bench sander, the type that look like a grinding wheel setup (motor in middle, mounted to stand) with a sanding mop on one side and a pneumatic drum on the other.

      I've seen products from:
      Sand-Rite Model DB-612-DLX Pneumatic Drum/Brush Head Sander
      Gruzzly G8749 Drum / Flap Sander

      I've also seen some drum-only offerings that included info on how to modify them to be used in a lathe or drill.

      Intarsia seems to be more about sanding technique than cutting (especially when I look at things like the Pointsettia door topper in a recent magazine), yet there don't seem to be any YouTube demos on how to properly shape pieces using pneumatic or other sanders effectively.

      So, I too ask, what are the pros/cons of these or any other models? What is the difference in use of a mop vs a wheel of torn sandpaper? I see some with sheets parallel and others perpendicular to the shaft. Which one works better?
      Wouldn't a model like those above that also allowed the mounting of a Wonderwheel or even std disk be a better option vs buying more $300+ tools?

      Looking forward to the many replies from all you pneumatic sander users.


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