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How to cut beer coasters

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  • How to cut beer coasters

    The guys I used to work collected some beer coasters. Now they would like me to cut them into puzzles. That is the easy part. The hard part is not to ruin them while cutting them. Since they are fairly soft absorbent paper just glueing them to wood and cutting them will not work. Any ideas on how to attach them to 1/4 plywood and to make them cuttable would be great.

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    I've got a bunch of those we picked up in Germany many years ago. They are kinda cool. They cut really easily with a good sharp smaller blade (I tried #3) and don't go too fast----just naked with no wood. But if you want to use wood, you are right---tape and glue would really mess them up. You could always tightly sandwich a coaster in between 2 pieces of thin plywood with the wood pieces taped together. Once done, cut thru the tape and open the sandwich to remove the coaster.
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      That is a good idea to cut them in puzzles.

      I have several with marks around the edges. Every time we got a beer they would put a mark on the coaster. They counted up the marks to figure our bill. Some of them had too many marks (they were small beers).


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        What about contact cement - the kind you use on countertops? That stuff isn't really absorbed. It just sits on top of the 2 surfaces and when you press them together, they never separate.


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          Like Linda said sandwich them between some thin wood.
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            Thank-you for the ideas so far.

            How does this one sound....

            There are a number of You Tube videos of using EPOXY to make tables and such. Mix up a batch of clear Epoxy and saturate the coaster so that it sticks to the wood and allowing it to dry and then cutting a puzzle out of the hardened coaster.

            What do you think?


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              I have cut a lot of card puzzles. #1 you want to use a very fine skip tooth blade. I am talking 2/0 or 3/0. NEVER use a reverse tooth blade. #2 I spray my cards with shellac before cutting. Being the coasters absorb you might apply more shellac by brushing it on. #3 For card puzzles I glue them to 1/8" plywood before cutting. I use 3M Super 77 adhesive. I spray both the wood and the card.

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