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DIY Cyclone Dust Collector - any ideas?

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    Hi guys - thanks for all of the input. Between all your comments I'm honing in on how to set up the Dust Deputy once I get it.

    A few individual replies

    cw - glad you got sorted with uploading the photos. Not sure why you can see both images and thumbnails but at least it works.
    My problem as usual with following your idea will be to source the articulated extraction section here in Mexico. Its a very practical idea and obviously works a treat but I think that I may have to construct an articulated arm which I can then lash a piece of flexible hosing to and make some sort of nozzle at the suction end. I've been looking at garden hose adapters here and I think I may have found a solution.

    Quartz43 - no sign of this unit in my local Home Depot which is not really surprising. Most local carpenters here in Mexico prefer to suck in dust rather than spend money on such units! Joking apart, this uint reportedly suffers from the same problem as the bucket systems I mentioned earlier in that once the catchment bucket starts to fill the efficiency drops off. I guess that if you are only extracting dust infrequently then you can live with constantly emptying the bucket. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Kiwi - Good to hear from you again. Its been a while! First off I share your pain regarding the cost of anything sourced from overseas. I am probably not paying as much as you for things but anything that moves south of the US border immediately gets hit with at least a 16% import duties and usually an additional exhorbitant shipping cost and even after this there is no guarantee that items will not be conveniently 'lost' going through Mexican Customs.

    Getting back to your setup.I like the way both cw and you are extracting dust from both above and underneath the saw and this is something I also plan to do. Since my saw is on a mobile stand I can run the PVC tubing up the vertical frame keeping in secure and tidy. I'm also moving away from a vertical tower to hold both my Shop Vac and the Dust Deputy and catchment container setup in favor of a mobile caddy simiilar to yours. As I'm planning to wheel this unit just outside of my shed door when I am working inside the larger footprint compared to a tower shouldn't be a problem.

    Good news is that Amazon just contacted me to say the delivery time on my Dust Deputy has dropped from 5 weeks to 3 so by the end of the month I should be in business. For the moment I am working on installing a main suction line with an interchangeable main take off to service my tablesaw, router table, mitresaw and scrollsaw and probably a smaller takeoff to service hand tools such as my jigsaw, circular saw and orbital sander. As I noted earlier in my reply to cw, since practically all of my shop equipment is on mobile stands rather than a need to have a long main suction line which would probably reduce the power of my Shop Vac the further away from it any take off is I can keep this line relatively short and wheel my equipment up to it as needed.

    Thanks again to all responders for their input which has certainly helped me to narrow down my options and fine tune what I need to do to achieve a decent working system. You guys are great!
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    Jim in Mexico

    Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
    - Albert Einstein


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      Hi Jim
      I have come across this site in Oregon which is marketing a cyclone much cheaper than the Oneida one. Ignore the price shown-- it is geared for NZ prices. US price is about half that shown. Their site appears to say free worldwide shipping. The same thing is also on Amazon if you want to check out the reviews.

      To ensure that I had a firm platform for my Dust Deputy I fixed a circle of MDF to both the top and underside of the lid and bolted right through.
      Happy sawing


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        Thanks Kiwi - unfortunately when I initially looked at the Amazon Mexico site this collector didn't show up so I went ahead and ordered the Oneida one.

        Regarding the catchment bucket . I'd also thought of strengthening the lid in a similar way to your idea. As soon as I can get out of this COVID-19 lockdown situation I plan to take a walk downtown to a store which sells second hand articles. They often have used heavy duty clamp top plastic barrels for sale of around 25 or 50 gallons capacity which I believe will make an excellent catchment container and if they are are out of stock I know where I can buy them new locally online.

        Getting fired up on tackling this project to see what I can come up with!
        Jim in Mexico

        Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
        - Albert Einstein


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          I enjoyed reading all of the comments on the dust collector and the narrow shop and the moving parts from one country to another! It is fun and quite inventive!

          When I went overseas (Japan) in '86, I enjoyed woodworking and I didn't know what I would get into over there in getting lumber for projects. In our crates, four of them 4' x 8' x 7'?, I layered the first 3 to 4 inches (deep) with oak, cherry and walnut boards cut to fit inside and planed all four sides. I listed them as book shelving. Every 4 years after that, I had one crate to ship back to Japan and did the same. A woodworking friend tried to do the same, only he went to HD and bought about $300 worth of oak and put it in his crate. When customs in Japan saw it, they would not allow him to have it. He was quite mad. He called me and asked how I go my lumber into Japan since it was illegal without expensive permits?
          ME: I didn't bring lumber into Japan, that's probably illegal. I brought unfinished book shelves!
          Problem solved!

          Many times I carried tools back and forth in luggage.

          AS to dust collectors - I had shop vacs but not dust collectors. I had a 12 inch band saw, a 10 inch TS, Radial Drill press, 12 inch (diameter) lathe, 12" thickness planer, welder, and lots more - on stands to move them outside my 9 x 12 shed to work.

          I started turning pens in 2004 because it took far less space for me to smell "wood". Most people (but not all by any means) used CA or SuperGlue as a finish. It had a learning curve but I learned. After about 18 months, I developed a sudden severe allergy to the CA fumes. Within 3 to 4 hours after making a pen and using CA, I would come down with flu like symptoms and it lasted 2 to 3 days. This happened twice before I realized it was the CA fumes. Once more time, and I got double vision. That stopped me from using CA. I tried other finishes but everything was slow curing compared to CA, and most were not nearly as hard. CA was the only finish that was fast and hard and glossy. What could I do?
          . . . My Dust Collector:

          I started looking for a dust collector. Those things are noisy! Very Noisy. In Japan, where one house is literally 6 ft from the next one on both sides, and maybe 10 ft to the back. Dust collectors are noisy! How could I use one without complaints from neighbors? I began to design one inside a housing and under the lathe table. I used stick-on-square carpet to cover every inch inside and every inch outside and made a lined exit baffle too. I placed the DC pipe only a couple of inches from where I turned the pen to suck all the dust and fumes into the DC. Very low noise and I could make pens at night 5 ft from the baby's room in the house behind me. Never had a complaint. Never got sick from CA dust again after that.

          In addition to the Dust Collector, I used a respirator. At our age, precautionary prevention is a necessity.
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          Hank Lee
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            Nice surprise today - my Dust Deputy cone arrived about 10 days earlier than forecast. As soon as I can get away from the house lockdowbn situation and have the stitches removed from my recent wrist accident I aim to go looking for a catchment container so I can start assembling the unit. I'll update when I have something to show.

            Hank - I sent you a private message. Did you see it?
            Jim in Mexico

            Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
            - Albert Einstein


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