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Least helpful advise from Big Box Sales People

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    I get aggravated at my HomeDepot with everyone saying good mourning or something similar. The first time is fine but after 20 or so it gets old. I am certain that they must do that and it is so mechanical.

    ​​​​​The other side of getting bad advice is the customers. I heard one customer in the plumbing aisle asking for a "thingy" for his toilet to stop a strange noise. The clerk asked what brand toilet and the customer had no idea. The customer got very angry when the clerk nicely told him that to get the right part they need to know what brand and model.

    The most helpful thing is to take a cell phone picture and then show that to a clerk.

    ​​​​​​Getting help at a big box store is kind of like the old computer saying....Garbage In..Garbage Out

    If you do not know what you want, brand name, model number, etc you can not expect much.

    I will bet the store employees have great stories about dumb customers.


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      So here is one fresh from today - Wife wants to get flowers for the flower boxes, tomorrow. So, I get the boxes out of the shed and realize they look pretty ratty - not broken or anything just look bad. I got my mouse sander out and ran over them with some 80 grit to smooth them out a little. Then headed to Lowes for some enamel. When I got there, they had re-arranged the paint department, so I asked where I could find some enamel. The guy walked over to a shelf and grabbed a can of house brand latex enamel. I was thinking more like Rustoleum, but read the can and saw where it can't have water on it for five days after application.

      I handed the can back and said I need to plant flowers tomorrow, where is the Rustoleum? He then told me I couldn't use Rustoleum on wood - it was only good for metal. I told him to humor me and show me the enamel I wanted. When he took me to the right shelf I cheerfully showed him where it said ". . .good for metal, plastic, wood, glass, composits, etc, etc. . ."

      As I headed for the checkout I ran into one of my retired neighbors who works there part time. When I told him the paint staff needs training, he just laughed. Apparently, the kid, I had talked to, was one of the regional managers, brought in to bring the paint department in line with the other stores and push the house brands.

      My Son-in-law said "Darnit, I cut this board twice, now. And it's still too short."


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