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    Originally posted by Rivari
    Mike I have made a rule in my shop to never purchase any tool that can be labeled "cute". In keeping with the recent Snickers commercial (During Super Bowl)I would have to do something manly if someone called any of my tools cute.

    I shall now attempt to find a hair upon my chest and rip it out just for writing that word twice.
    OK... wrap it with black electrical tape and then finish it off with duct tape. Hopefully you have more than 6 hairs on your chest.
    Delta 16" 40-530
    Ryobi 16" VS

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      Originally posted by ozarkhillbilly
      I got mine at lowe's for under $12.00 dollars and it is refilliable, you can find it in the plumbing dept. It's yellow and is called Micro-Jet.
      Check out the Sticky titled "owl progress" I have a couple of pictures posted there with me using the micro-jet burning the fuzzies off.
      OOOooohh Baby, 1200 degrees F... hah, better be real careful with this thing. (mine was 19.95, but if it works and does the job right with more speed than a file, im happy with it...)

      I'll give her a whirl here in alittle while hopefully yet this afternoon

      Thanks Bill,
      'smile it makes people wonder what your up to, and brightens anothers day.'


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        Originally posted by Jediscroller
        Hehehe, I use flat reverse-tooth blades and don't have to deal with the fuzzies.

        What size blades do you use for portraits? I've been using spirals, but want to try flat blades to see the difference in the cuts.


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        • Rolf
          Reply to Frustrated
          by Rolf
          What model Craftsman! Without that information we can't look up the saw and what type of clamp it has.
          Today, 07:20 AM
        • NC Scroller
          Reply to Frustrated
          by NC Scroller
          I am guessing that your clamps have probably spread due to usage. I am not aware of any aftermarket clamps that fit your saw. Did you look at to see if they sell clamps for your model? Sorry I could not be of more help.
          Yesterday, 11:24 AM
        • Daddy's scroller
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          by Daddy's scroller
          I have a craftsman saw. The blade just slips out.
          05-22-2022, 07:00 PM
        • Daddy's scroller
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          by Daddy's scroller
          No. I haven't tried that yet...
          05-22-2022, 06:55 PM
        • Chance13
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          by Chance13
          I put those on my 20" Dewalt a couple years ago. Big improvement from the one Dewalt had....
          05-22-2022, 11:08 AM