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Doing bevel cuts.

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  • Doing bevel cuts.

    I've never had this problem before I got my ex21. Having the head tilt for me instead of the table I get confused which way to cut to avoid ruining the back of a project.

    I did a protruding nativity and when i cut out joseph holding the shepherd staff i noticed after I was done that the back side was all jagged and cut away. I tossed that project in my designer fire wood bin and cut the project the opposite direction and it came out fine.

    Which way do I tilt the head and then which way do i cut? counter clockwise right tilt or clockwise around the pattern? I think if I tilt the head to the right I cut clockwise but I can't remember now and I don't want to waste another nice piece of Black walnut at $7.00 a bd foot locally.

    BTW I fished the other one out of the bin and was able to salvage it for my mantle.
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    When I make the bowls the head goes to the right and cutting is clock wise. That is if you are sitting in front of the saw ready to cut. When you have instructions to tilt the table to the left, move the head of the saw to the right and always cut clock wise.
    Hope this help.


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      I thought it was reversed, because the head tilts. Thank you!

      Easy way to remember is cut toward the head. Left head tilt counter clockwise. Right head tilt clockwise.

      If I want the bevel to come foreward?? or to recede back into a piece??
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      "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
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        I do double bevel inlay which I cut at 2.2 degrees. Left side of my table, as I face it, is lowered. I do not ever consider whether I cut clock wise or counter clock wise. I just remember to ALWAYS keep the image I am cutting to the right of my blade no matter how complex the cut may be. Figure out what your best cut direction is and just do it that way... image right or left of the blade. KISS
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          Opposite of table tilt

          It's all fun
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            My table only tilts to the left so it is down when I tilt it. I like it. Fay
            Have a great day, Fay.


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